Strip Poker

Strip Poker

Walking through the streets of Las Vegas after a rough night at the casino, you may hear the screams and laughter of some other down-on-their luck folks, or even a pack of broke college kids, through the window of some rundown cheap hotel. Seeing that their luck was anywhere else but the casino floor during that night, this rowdy bunch most likely decided to cut their losses and partake in some good wholesome fun with one of the most popular and x-rated gambling games known to man- strip poker.

It has been suggested the casino-style strip poker originated around the same time in New Orleans as original poker (circa 1830). Around that time and place, gambling, drinking and womanizing- the main ingredients to a good strip poker game, went hand in hand at the popular bars and brothels of Louisiana. With the same spread of the popularity of poker to the neighboring states and beyond, its mischievous cousin tagged along and made its way to the hearts of gamblers nationwide and eventually to the world.

Admit It, You’ve Thought About It

Studies show that the most active strip poker crowd is generally between the ages of 18-30. Be it college students organizing a strip poker night in the dorm rooms, or a young couple hosting a night of fun for their friends, the game has made its way into the home. However, the game has gained in popularity on the internet through different software that allows players at home to compete against a model on the other end and attempt to win by stripping the other side of their garments. This should not be confused with online casino, for the online strip poker rooms are usually created independent of any other casino games. Because of the virtual nature of a significant part of the game’s popularity, it is difficult to determine whether it has spread intensively throughout the other age groups.

For those still unable to organize their own event of the erotic online casino game, National Lampoon’s took care of them. In 2004, the comedic group organized its first filmed strip poker match. It all took place in Negril, Jamaica at Hedonism II. Sixteen magazine supermodels participated in the competition and came-“dressed casually”, and showed their Texas Hold’emskills in front of the crowd and the camera lens. Veteran playboy model Taylor Kennedy walked away after “stripping” five other girls of their “assets”. The event was hosted by Carmen Electra and the DVD still sells nicely today on Amazon.

How It’s Done

So you’ve convinced a few friends to try out this latest idea of yours and invited them for a night of drinks and fun. How do you present the rules? Well, first make sure that everyone knows the basic rules of poker. This will prevent any arguments once the game reaches the hot and heavy stages when most of the clothes are on the floor already and one player is about to re-acquaint himself with the group in a way he’s never before imagined.

The game is quite self-explanatory through its title. Players remove articles of clothing according to events that occur on the poker table. The loser at the end of the evening is usually the one who will be most sensitive to the cool breeze coming in through the window.

The game itself will go on in certain variations. Depending on how long you can allow the game to go on into the night, you should choose the pace of strip poker you want to introduce:

If you’re pressed for time, then fast strip poker is the solution. Here every hand goes to a showdown among all players involved and every player but the winner takes off an article of clothing. In this version of the game, each hand promises to cause a large number of players to remove their clothes on each round. It shouldn’t be too long until a winner is declared while the rest are trying to find their other sock from the pile on the floor.

With a bit more time on your hands, you can choose to suggest medium strip poker. Here, the end of each round brings only the player with the worst hand to remove an article of clothing.

If the whole night is ahead of you and there’s no work the next day, then an element of real poker can be added by playing slow strip poker. Here, each player is given a set of chips to play with like he would in a regular game of poker. The player who runs out of chips at any point in the game will remove one article of clothing. As you can imagine, at this pace, it won’t be before the sun comes when someone is finally found in their birthday suit.

For Your Consideration

Strip Poker can be good ("wholesome"?) fun if played in good spirit and with the consent of everyone involved. As long as it is played within a confined and private setting, the game is legal in most places in the world, though you should certainly check if you harbor any doubt.

Drinking and alcohol have undoubtedly become a part of our culture and there is no doubt that with this often come regrettable results. Guys, be careful not to fall to the temptation of inviting those cute blonde poker rookies just to try and exploit their ignorance. It is often suggested not to involve money in strip poker and by that, separate it completely from the casino, which contains its own stresses. Enjoy, have fun, go a bit wild, but most importantly, remain friends afterwards.

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