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Caribbean Stud Poker is a poker game that is very similar in nature to traditional 5 card stud. This casino table game is different to regular poker games in the sense that it is played against the dealer (the house) as opposed to other players. Another way in which Caribbean Stud Poker is different to standard 5 card poker games is in the bluffing arena. That is to say that bluffing is impossible in Caribbean Stud Poker. Other poker tactics like maintaining a poker face, angle shooting and reading body language are unnecessary. This game is a favourite at traditional casinos and online poker rooms alike. It is a relatively new offshoot of traditional five card poker, with many unique elements in the game. The origins of Caribbean stud poker are equally murky, but one gambling guru by the name of David Sklansky claims to be the father of the game.

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The rules of Caribbean stud poker are often unique to the specific venue where the game is played. However there are many gaming similarities across casinos and online casinos alike. To commence the game, a player places his/her ante on the table. This is otherwise known as the layout. This action must be completed before the dealer makes the announcement – no more bets. Players also have the option to contest the progressive jackpot feature in Caribbean Stud Poker games. In much the same way, this action must be completed before the dealer makes the selfsame announcement. Players can compete for the progressive jackpot by placing chips in the designated area on the layout. In online games, the player will receive 5 cards and the dealer will receive 5 cards. In traditional casino environments, all players seated at the table will receive their 5 cards along with the dealer. Note that these cards are dealt facedown.

Next up, the dealer will turn over one of his/her cards then move the cards towards other players at the table. At this point on, players are entitled to look at their own cards, without discussing their hands with other players at the table. There are 2 options available to players – to hold the cards or to fold the cards. If you decide to play the hand that you have been dealt, you need to place an additional wager into the game. This is known as a raise. It is equivalent to double the price of the ante.  Players who decide not to play their hands can choose to forfeit their original wager – the ante. At this point in time, the dealer will then show the remaining 4 hole cards. Take note that the dealer only qualifies if he/she is holding an Ace/King or if the dealer actually forms a pair or higher-ranking poker hand. The dealer then measures the strength of the hand that he/she is holding against that of the other players at the table. Should the dealer not qualify, the ante bets of players who beat the dealer get paid out. All other raised bet players will push.


Caribbean Stud Poker does allow a modicum of strategy to be introduced into the game. This can make it possible for players to reduce the house edge. Poker strategists urge players to hold onto pairs or high ranking cards and always to fold cards of lesser value than an Ace/King combination. To sum it up: fold everything lower than an Ace/King and play all pairs. Players will note that the Ace/King strategy can lower the house edge, but several conditions must be met. These include the following: if the dealer shows an Ace or a King, always raise Ace/King/Queen or Ace/King/Jack. Always raise Ace/King if the dealer is showing cards between 2 – Queen. Remember that the Ace/King combination needs to be played optimally in order to lower the house edge and to win games of Caribbean Stud Poker. It is estimated that players can reduce the house edge by as much as 2.3% by following sound playing strategy.


As with all gambling games, the rules need to be learned from the get go. Caribbean stud poker requires a certain level of hand rankings prowess in order to ascertain whether it is possible for the player to beat the dealer based on the cards that are dealt. The odds certainly favour the informed Caribbean stud player. In this vein, the payouts should be understood. A Royal Flush pays out 100 to 1, Straight Flush 50 to 1, Four-of-a-Kind, 20 to 1, Full House 7 to 1, Flush 5 to 1, Straight 4 to 1, Three of a Kind, 3 to 1, Two Pair, 2 to 1 and One Pair at 1 to 1. Take note that it is important for the dealer to at least qualify in order for players to win money on their additional wager. If the dealer does not qualify, players receive even money on their ante bet only. If on the other hand, the dealer beats the player, both player bets will be lost. The progressive jackpot bet in Caribbean stud poker is a long shot, and experts generally advise players not to play this bet often.


Caribbean Stud Poker is played by following the rules, tips and strategies listed above. To play Caribbean Stud Poker at 777, players simply need to select their preferred gaming mode: real money mode or practice mode. The first order of business is to select a chip size and place what is known as an Ante bet. 5 cards will be dealt to the dealer and player. The player's cards are visible but only one of the dealers cards is shown. If the player decides to play he/she places an additional bet onto the layout. The dealer must qualify with an Ace/King combination. Players have the option to surrender their hand and lose their initial bet (Ante bet), or to place an additional bet and play against the dealer. This decision is based on 2 criteria: the strength of the player's hand and the upcard of the dealer. If the dealer beats the player, then both player bets are lost, and vice versa.


The origins of the game purportedly date back to 1982 when David Sklansky claims to have invented the game. However, his claim to fame is not universally accepted. Other reports suggest that the game was invented when passengers on a cruise liner in the Caribbean islands created it. Some say that the Excelsior Casino purchased the game after it had been discovered on these cruise liners. Yet another story suggests that a gambling man named James Suttle learned the game on Fremont Street in Las Vegas. This particular story gets very mixed up after that, but that is part of the allure of the origins of Caribbean stud poker

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