The Advantages of Mobile Roulette Gaming

The Advantages of Mobile Roulette Gaming

Mobile phone technology has made mobile Roulette gaming a thing of the present. 1997 saw the advent of the mobile casino industry, which has grown by leaps and bounds. The mobile gaming industry is estimated to be handling almost $50 billion in wagers. There are many economic facets that have merged to create the phenomenal growth rate of the mobile gaming field. Some of those elements include the high technical quality of the mobile casinos, popularity of sports betting, emerging lottery markets in countries such as China, the U.S. government’s decision to repeal the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) and the enactment of various European laws facilitating mobile gaming.


The great success of online gaming has naturally led the way to a successful mobile casino industry. People are vastly entertained by gambling. In today’s time-crowded world, the accessibility of mobile casinos makes mobile gaming a smart choice. Taking off to Las Vegas or even to a local brick & mortar takes time that most people do not have. And with the thrill of roulette in the air, there's never a dull moment. 


As to online casinos, they are enjoyed by gamers worldwide. The same sign-up and other promotional bonuses found online are available at mobile casinos as well.  However, there are moments in each day when players would like to join a good game of European Roulette, not necessarily when they are at home, and also not necessarily when connected to their computer. Smartphones, Android handsets and tablets all provide that opportunity no matter where and no matter when.

Variety of Mobile Casino Games 

The same huge assortment of games available online, and in brick & mortars is now offered at mobile casinos too. All of your favourite table games, as well as slots and betting opportunities on sports games and horse races are provided through mobile gaming on your smartphone.

Advantages of Mobile Casinos 

The convenience of playing casino games on mobile phones is an enormous benefit of mobile gaming. Sitting on a commuter train between work and home is an ideal time and place for a poker game. The only necessities are a WAP and GPRS enabled mobile phone and a bankroll. The hard-working individual who normally arrives home harried and out of sorts, can easily turn into a comfortable member of the family after enjoying a session of European, French or American Roulette during the after-work commute or while waiting in a long line at the bank. The cost of telecommunication services is generally based on the download rate. 

Gaming provider Tropez mobile, estimates that each download is 1 kilobyte per game round. As to security, the technology provided in online banking transactions is identical to that used by mobile casinos. Online gaming sites, banking institutions and Amazon all use the encryption technology of 128 Bit SSL. Apple iPhones and Android phones are close to 100% virus-proof. 

In regard to the assurance of honesty concerning mobile casinos, PriceWaterhouseCoopers had been the payout auditors. Currently eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation Assurance have the responsibility of auditing payouts. The Assurance is a nonprofit based in London. Their purpose is to protect gamers and establish online gaming standards. 

Another online casino testing and standards security provider is Technical Systems Testing (TST), which is used by the major online gaming company Playtech and Microgaming.The savings in transportation expenses and time to and from land-based casinos are further advantages of mobile gaming. Yet another cost-saving element is the money that would otherwise be spent on drinks and food at a brick & mortar. Mobile gaming is perfect for players who prefer to play at various times of the day or night. The pocket size of your hand-held device makes it great for traveling.

Disadvantages Associated with Mobile Casinos

Playing your preferred games in mini-mode on a small mobile phone screen requires a definite adjustment for the player. Gamers are generally accustomed to online monitor screens and land-based casino tables. Viewing an entire game on the tiny phone screen may present a challenge to the player. The downsized keypad of the mobile phone, rather than the full computer keyboard likewise may take some time to adjust to. 

Technology, ever present in the mobile world, is currently developing more user-friendly controls and clearer screens with the mobile gamer in mind. Interestingly enough, the diminished size of the game device presents one of its distinct advantages. The mobile phone fits nicely into a pocket, making it handy to use wherever the player happens to be. There is no need for a cumbersome laptop. Also, the touchscreen process may be easier than using a mouse. With a simple touch on the screen you can make your move.

Establishing a betting limit, and maintaining that limit are unquestionably more difficult when playing mobile games. The intensity of the fast-paced action, jam packed onto a small screen, is geared to the thrill of the game.  This type of setting easily produces the illusion of a large bankroll that does not in reality exist. Also, money is not visible on virtual gaming tables, nor are chips anywhere to be seen. 

Out of sight, out of mind is readily apparent when gamers become oblivious to the fact that they are playing for real money. It takes an added effort to be cognizant of the fact that cash is involved in the play. The recommended betting limit is 2% of the player’s entire bankroll. Mobile gaming facilitates increased betting, as the opportunity to play energizing games is available 24/7. Therefore, gaming enjoyment directly involves financial responsibility.    

Catching up to Technology 

Technology changes life’s actions. It takes time to adjust to the opportunities constantly being presented by technological advancements. Mobile gaming is no exception. A growing number of players of all ages are using smartphones to play blackjack, slots, roulette, poker or any number of other games. After a few games played on your hand-held device, you may just find that mobile casinos are for you.