Roulette Beginners Biggest Mistakes

Biggest Mistakes that Beginners make in Roulette Games

Unlike some casino games, roulette is a pretty easy game for beginners to pick up from a strategy standpoint. Assuming you’re playing European roulette, every wager you could possibly make carries the same house edge so there’s nothing to worry about in this regard. However, this isn’t to say roulette games are completely void of pitfalls for beginning players. That said, let’s discuss some of the biggest mistakes that new roulette players make.

1. Choosing the Wrong Game

Those who play roulette in land-based casinos don’t normally get to choose their games. Instead, there is one type of wheel (American or European), and players are forced to deal with it. But when you play online roulette, it’s a completely different story because you can easily pick between games. Unfortunately, some beginners make the mistake of choosing the American wheel (5.26% house edge) when they should instead be picking the European game (2.70% casino edge). An even better prospect for when you play online roulette is to choose the French game (1.35% house edge).

2. Not setting a Loss Limit

Experienced roulette players know that bankroll management is really important for staying in the game and avoiding the temptation to bet with money you don’t have. And setting a loss limit is key for those who want to enact a sound bankroll management plan. For instance, if you don’t want to lose any more than $50 in a single session, you’d quit immediately after dropping $50. But most beginners aren’t aware of the loss limit concept when they first play online roulette or in land-based casinos. Furthermore, they often suffer some horrific losing sessions as a result.

3. Playing Too High of Stakes

Because the house edge is only 2.70% in European roulette games, some new players take this as a green light to up the stakes. So suddenly they’re betting $25 per spin and wondering what happened when their bankroll runs out. Keeping this thought in mind, you should definitely stick with stakes that are appropriate for your specific situation. Assuming you’ve got a $50 bankroll, you should play online roulette because minimum bets are as low as $1. On the other hand, players with a $400 bankroll or larger could afford to play $5 or $10 stakes if they felt like it.

4. Placing Too Many Bets per Spin

Even if a beginner plays the appropriate stakes in roulette games, sometimes they make the mistake of placing too many wagers on a single spin. They might place odd/even, high/low and six-line bets on all on the same turn. Sure it’s fun to have this much action going on one spin, but it can also be costly if the wheel isn’t spinning in your favor. So rather than worrying about putting a lot of different bets out on each turn, new players should focus on making singular wagers in the beginning; then, if things are going well, they can ride this hot streak with multiple bets.

5. Starting with Betting Systems

Roulette betting systems are normally something that players use when they get bored with standard flat-betting. For example, the Martingale calls on players to double wagers following every loss. And while betting systems can be fun, new players would do best to avoid them in the beginning. After all, systems like the Martingale can be really risky when they call on people to wager more following a loss. Instead, a better idea is to get a good feel for roulette games before trying out any systems.

Since there’s not a ton of roulette strategy, the most important factors for beginners is to properly manage their bankroll and avoid the aforementioned mistakes. By being smart with their money, new players will get more enjoyment out of roulette games and possibly win extra profits too.