Can You Trust Roulette Software?

Can You Trust Roulette Software?

Patience is money. Spin enough times by ponying up all that cash and you may just win. In the meantime, you have probably spent more than your winnings, patiently waiting for one strategy or another to kick in. Statistically, it may never kick in. With a 47% chance of the little ball landing on Red for each and every spin, luck may just yield the pot to you, or it may not.

Martingale System

A lot has been written about the Martingale System. Some players still use this technique; however, it has proven to be disappointing to most gamers. Martingale is a four-pronged strategy based on a study of the algorithms behind the RNG: 

1)       On evens, make a 1 credit bet, for example a 1 credit black, and spin the reel.

2)       If you win, start up a new system.

3)       If you lose, spin again after doubling your bet.

4)       Keep double-betting until you either win or your stop-loss limit is reached.

Problems which have manifested themselves in the use of this system include the necessity of spending more on the initial wagers, than the player receives in a subsequent win. Further, statistics govern Roulette. Random Number Generators are supposedly programmed such that each spin is an entity unto itself. The often-used example of this type of system is the coin toss. Each toss of the coin has a 50% chance of landing on heads. The number of tosses is irrelevant. In the case of the RNG, the number of spins is likewise irrelevant. Pure luck appears to be prevalent.. 

Roulette Sniper

The costly software surrounding Roulette Sniper claims to break open a loophole from deep inside the roulette table. Just what this blooper is and how deeply it is buried, no one knows. Somehow the first Roulette Sniper did not quite manage to beat the house. Therefore, a second Roulette Sniper has now been developed to continue taking your money for yet another item of software.          

10 Numbers Roulette System

For players who are under-funded and possess a mere 30 chips, the 10 Numbers System may be for you. This technique is based on an algorithm of its own:


1)       10 chips are played on the first 12

2)       10 chips are played on the second 12

3)       10 chips are played on numbers in the final 12


Using the 10 Numbers strategy, the player covers most of the betting area. The only three numbers not covered are zero and a couple of numbers in the last 12. If any of the 10 covered numbers in the final dozen are hit, the player nets 6 chips. In the event that the little ball falls in the first or second dozen, then you do not win, but you also do not lose. If any one of the uncovered three numbers is hit, then the player loses the bet. 

With this strategy, you statistically have a good chance of walking away without losing.  The 10 Numbers roulette System requires no costly software, and is user friendly.

Strategies for Online Roulette 

American and European roulette are both found at online casinos. The house advantage in European roulette is 2.63%. That advantage raises to 5.26% American roulette. Therefore, the European roulette version is always the wisest choice. 

Some online casinos provide a “surrender” rule, some provide a “no prison rule” and other online casinos provide neither. With surrender, you will receive back half of your wager whenever zero is hit. With no prison your entire bet will be returned to you when the ball lands on zero. 

Search for reputable casinos that periodically print out their payout percentages.

Bonuses from online casinos are great! Check the bonus conditions to make sure they are within reason before setting up your account. Once you choose your casino, simply place a bet to begin using your bonus. 

Even though the RNG ensures that each spin has the same statistical probability as all other spins, there are strategies that will increase your chance of winning. For example, on the column containing numbers 3-36, there are eight reds and four blacks. Placing a chip on red; and on each of the two columns, 1-34 and 2-35, placing two chips will yield a 67% win probability.

A second strategy to increase your odds involves a two-level system: 1-18 are low, and 19-36 are high. Bet on three of the low numbers and make the same bet on “high”. A win will occur if the ball lands on high or on any of the three low numbers that you chose.