French Roulette Games – La Partage vs. En Prison

French Roulette Games – La Partage vs. En Prison

When it comes to roulette games, it’s not hard to figure out which one gives players the best chance of winning: French roulette. The French version features a very low 1.35% house edge, which is much better than both American (5.26%) and European roulette (2.70%).


What’s interesting is that French roulette uses the same exact wheel as the European game. However, the major difference is that players will find either the “La Partage” or “En Prison” rule in French roulette. Seeing as how these are both different rules, it’s worth taking a closer look at how each one works.

La Partage Rule

Those who play online roulette will most likely find the La Partage rule in French games. La Partage comes into effect when players make even money bets and the ball lands on the house-friendly 0 pocket. Normally a player would simply lose their entire even money wager in this instance; however, La Partage ensures that people immediately get half of their original bet back.

To illustrate an example of this, let’s say that somebody wagers $10 on a spin and the ball lands on 0. The player would receive $5 of their original bet back while the other $5 would go to the house. As can be seen, this is definitely a nice rule to find when you play online roulette!

En Prison Rule

You are highly unlikely to find the En Prison rule when you play online roulette because it’s mostly seen in brick and mortar casinos; even in this case, it’s mainly high roller roulette games that offer the rare rule. As for how En Prison works, when the ball lands in the 0 pocket, a player’s bet will remain “in prison” for another wager. This next spin then decides the fate of the player’s bet.

For instance, assume that someone bets $10 on even (odd/even) and watches the ball rest into the 0 pocket. With the player’s wager in prison, the ball lands on an even number during the next spin. In this case, the person would not only get their $10 get back, but also receive $10 in profit too!

Which Rule is Better?

A common misconception is that one of the aforementioned rules has an advantage over the other. For example, some people who play online roulette think that La Partage is superior because they’re automatically getting half of their wager back – rather than potentially losing the whole bet. On the other hand, some players think En Prison is better since they get a second chance to win their wager. And while personal preference is fine in roulette games, players won’t gain any kind of advantage by finding a specific rule.

The reality is that the French roulette house edge will still be 1.35% no matter if the La Partage or En Prison rule is in effect. Sure both rules have different functions, but they also create the exact same casino edge. So instead of worrying about the La Partage or En Prison rule when you play online roulette, a more important matter is that you find French roulette period.

Like we discussed before, French roulette games offer players a lower house edge than the American and European versions. This in turn gives you a better opportunity to make long-term profits. And while the house still has a slight edge, it is possible to overcome 1.35% if you get some lucky spins on your side.