Online Roulette offers Crazy Variety

Online Roulette offers Crazy Variety

Online roulette is no doubt your best option for finding the largest variety of roulette games, and you’d be surprised at how many different variations are available. We could write a book on all of the available roulette games, but instead, let’s just go over a few of the most popular games.

European Roulette

This is by far the most common roulette game available, and it’s characterized by 37 spaces on the wheel. There is one “0” and numbers “1-36” on the European roulette wheel; the single 0 distinguishes this game from American roulette, which features both “0” and “00”. One more difference between these games is that the European version only has a 2.70% house edge, while American roulette has a 5.26% house edge. This being said, you should definitely pick European roulette over the American wheel!

Live Roulette

Who says you can’t experience a live casino atmosphere through online roulette? Live roulette brings a unique experience right into your living room with real dealers and wheels streaming on video. The way these roulette games work is that you’ll see a screen with a live dealer, and your betting options are then relayed to the dealer and casino. Once all bets have been made, the dealer will spin the wheel to decide the wagers. It’s also worth mentioning that some online casinos allow you to chat with the dealer while the game is going on, which really boosts interactivity in these games.

3D Roulette

Although not as realistic as live roulette, 3D roulette games bring their own touch of realism to the equation. With 3D roulette, you get an alternative view of the European roulette wheel, which is nice for those who are tired of seeing the same old regular games. Assuming you’re not in the mood for live roulette, but want more realism, 3D roulette is a nice way to go.

Rockin’ Roulette

Another interesting version of online roulette is a game called Rockin’ Roulette. This is also played on a European wheel, but the twist is that numbered balls are shuffled around in a glass dome. Each numbered ball represents one of the slots on a roulette wheel, and one ball will be selected as the winner. Rockin’ Roulette is a great way to shake up the game – literally!

American Roulette

You don’t see the American wheel too much in online roulette these days because of the high house edge that we mentioned before. Of course, this doesn’t mean that American roulette is totally extinct because some online casinos still run this version. And some of these casinos add a few twists such as bonus payouts to make the game more worthwhile to players.

As you can see from our list, there are plenty of different roulette games available for online players. And the best thing is that it doesn’t take long to get started with online roulette. You simply need to create an online casino account and you’re ready to go.