Playing Electronic Roulette Games in Casinos

Playing Electronic Roulette Games in Casinos

For centuries, the typical process of playing roulette involved traveling to a land-based casino and visiting their dealer-run tables. But these days, players have other options such as the ability to play online roulette or visit the electronic roulette terminals in brick and mortar casinos. Now the latter choice might seem kind of strange because most people visit land-based gaming venues for the live experience. However, the truth is that electronic terminals do appeal to a certain crowd, which we’ll discuss along with the process of playing these roulette games.

Why People find Electronic Roulette Attractive

Roulette is not the most appealing game to casinos from a revenue perspective. These tables run slower than other games, which cuts into casino profits. The end result is that brick and mortar establishments don’t offer as many roulette games on their floor. The few tables that are available get crowded during busy hours such as weekend nights.

Those who don’t want to deal with crowded tables have two choices: 1) play online roulette, or 2) find an electronic terminal. The second option is a good choice for people who enjoy other casino games and the land-based experience, yet feel like playing roulette at some point during their visit. Seeing as how electronic terminals are cheap long-term options, many casinos provide these for players.

Another big reason why casinos feature electronic roulette games is because they may not be licensed to offer dealer-run tables. There are some UK casinos like this while plenty of racetracks in the US also fall under this category. So if the closest brick and mortar gaming establishment in your area only offers slots and electronic terminals, this roulette version may be your best option.

One more benefit of playing electronic games is that they often go quicker than dealer wheels. Everything is computerized so players are merely touching their screens – rather than dealing with physical, color-coded chips, which slow down the betting process. The end result is a much smoother and quicker game that won’t be hindered by inexperienced players.

How to play Electronic Roulette

Assuming you’re interested in trying out an electronic terminal, it’s worth discussing how they work. The typical process involves putting cash into the machine, which will give you virtual chips in return. From here, you touch the screen to indicate where you want wagers placed, desired chip denominations, and how many chips will go towards each bet. For example, if you clicked once on the desired number/section, it would place one chip; by clicking twice, you would place two chips.

Once your wagers are ready – along with those made by people at other terminals – the machine-operated wheel will start spinning. When it comes to a stop, the winning number will be highlighted on your terminal and payouts are made accordingly. Sometimes terminals are linked to live spinning wheels, so keep this in mind too. When you’re finished playing electronic roulette games, you can click the cash out button and a ticket showing the value of your credits is dispensed (much like slots).

Online Roulette Considerations

One thing that we should definitely point out in this discussion is how electronic terminals are very similar to online roulette games. Sure you aren’t actually in a land-based casino when you play online roulette; however, the process is much the same where you select betting options and click to spin the wheel when finished.

There’s additional value that can be gained when you play online roulette due to the wide selection of games. For example, you can find American, European, French, 3D and live roulette games available. What’s great is that you can access these selections through a few simple clicks of the mouse.

This is especially important to those who want to significantly lower the roulette house edge. After all, European (2.70% house edge) and French roulette (1.35% casino edge) both give players very realistic chances to make profits. And if local casinos don’t offer them, online roulette presents your best opportunity for earning money.

Beyond the reasonable house edge, we’d also like to mention how online roulette features an unparalleled convenience advantage. After all, you can play online roulette on a laptop or even through a mobile device such as an iPad or iPhone. So anybody who’s looking to play roulette games when the urge strikes should definitely consider the online game.