Roulette Gaming Variants

Casino enthusiasts rate Roulette among their most-cherished table games. A veritable wealth of betting combinations peppers the gaming arena and players are well-pleased with the opportunities in this regard. Further good news is that state-of-the-art gaming technology allows players to enjoy this game in dazzling 3D realism. This captivating game is played in real-time in an instant-play flash mode. Players who are relative newcomers to the gaming arena are able to enjoy the game in a free-play mode – thus obviating the need to risk any cash while they’re learning the ropes. And with 3D Roulette, the switch to real-money gaming is a snap. Players can instantly immerse themselves in high-octane online Roulette gaming in an instant.

Betting Options with 3D Roulette Online

The 3D Roulette game allows players to select their chips. These range from 0.1 to 100 currency units per chip. The bets are then placed on the number, section or category where the wager is desired. Playing the game is easier online than it is at the casino. Players can simply click ‘Spin’ to get the game started. Various other betting options abound in the Double Bet, Straight Bets, Color Bets (Red/Black), Groups of Numbers (Corner Bets, Split Bets, Street Bets, Trio Bets, Line Bets, Dozen Bets and Column Bets) and more. Popular betting selections also include the range of low & high bets (Numbers between 1- 18 and 19 -36 respectively) and the Four Number Bet (covers the corner of 0 and 3 with numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3 covered). Lesser-known betting selections include Red Splits, Black Splits, Voisins, Tiers and Orphelins.

Multiple Variants of Roulette Games

While the basic rules for Roulette games online hold true, there are multiple differences between American Roulette, French Roulette and European Roulette. The online casino variants match the traditional casino games of the same name. Among players however, it is European Roulette (3D Roulette) and French Roulette that provide players with the best opportunities to win. American Roulette is a thrilling game with an additional 00 – effectively another betting option. Players who are risk-takers find American Roulette (5.26% house edge) a fascinating game to play, owing to its myriad betting selections.

As far as European Roulette is concerned, players can enjoy a rather low house edge of just 2.70%. The exclusion of the 00 means that with a standard payout rate of 35:1 on straight bets this game is right on the money. For fans of French Roulette, things couldn’t get any better. French Roulette is adorned by a ritzy playing arena – in French – with some interesting additions. These include the La Partage rule which greatly assists players with even-money betting selections - when green 0 hits. Players will effectively lose only half of their wager – not the full tally. And the odds on French Roulette are 2.70% on numbers other than 0. French Roulette also sports what is known as Announced Bets – it’s worth a spin. Play 3D Roulette online and enjoy a veritable showstopper of wildly entertaining action.