The Man who would rather Play Roulette than Eat

The Man who would rather Play Roulette than Eat

There are millions of people around the world who love to play roulette. And they’re willing to spend hours of free time on the wheel trying to win profits. But while some people may be willing to sacrifice free time for a chance at roulette riches, they aren’t going to give up their ability to eat too. The lone exception to this rule may be a Romanian man named Ioan Seutiut, who staged a bizarre hunger strike because of roulette.

Foul Mouth

Like many people who play roulette, Ioan Seutiut really gets into the game. However, the 49-year-old may get a little too excited because several years ago, he was thrown out of a Deva, Hunedoara (Romania) casino for swearing and being too loud. Seutiut discussed this by saying, “They say I swear and talk too loud, but everybody shouts in there – especially when losing. After all, it’s not a church, it’s the roulette.”

Hunger Strike

Unfortunately, the casino didn’t see things the same way as Seutiut since they banned him from their establishment. But he wasn’t quite ready to except his exclusion from being able to play roulette. Ioan created a sign that read “Roulette Hunger Strike,” and he sat outside the Deva casino for days.

Eventually, both national and international news outlets got a hold of the story and began to discuss this strange occurrence. Apparently, Seutiut decided that he wasn’t going to eat until the casino allowed him to play roulette again. Furthermore, he refused to accept any food or medical attention until the staff opened their doors to him.

When asked about it, the Romanian said, “I have a lot of money on me, and I want to play it all on the roulette but they just don't let me.” He also stated, “I love the roulette even though it costs me money. But that's my problem, and all I ask from this casino is to let me play. If not, I will not leave this place.”

Play Online Roulette and Eat

Instead of putting himself through starvation and agony, Seutiut could have made a much easier decision: play online roulette. By enjoying roulette games on the internet, he could curse and yell as loud as possible without fearing casino staff members coming to escort him out the door. Furthermore, Seutiut would also be able to play online roulette and eat at the same time.

Of course, Ioan Seutiut isn’t the only person who can experience the perks of spinning the cyber roulette wheel. Anybody can benefit from a major convenience advantage since people are able to play online roulette from their laptop, mobile phone or tablet computer. This sure beats having to cut into your bankroll by traveling to a land-based casino!

One more point worth making here is that players will have access to a number of different roulette games at online casinos. The two most important games worth mentioning are European and French roulette, which respectively feature 2.70% and 1.35% house edges. With its extremely low 1.35% casino advantage, French roulette is a very attractive option to players. In fact, only baccarat, blackjack and video poker typically offer lower house edges than this.

That said, you should definitely consider giving online roulette a try. And even if you solely stick with brick and mortar establishments, try to avoid the cursing and hunger strike episodes that Seutiut went through.