The Rolling Stones at the Roulette Table?

The Rolling Stones at the Roulette Table?

Mick Jagger, that never-aging rock star, shares a last name and possibly also a place at the family’s Christmas table with one of roulette’s all-time personalities.

There isn’t a single game in the casino that at some point in time was not considered “the one that can be played to beat the house” The eternal question- “Is the game one of pure luck, or is there a way to outsmart the house and manipulate the edge to the side of the player?” has been under the examining eye of the mathematician, smart aleck, or just the average gambler.  Logic would suggest that online roulette, even more so than other games at the casino, appears to be the one game that is of pure luck and not a candidate for a hacking.  Let’s face it; nobody can really predict where that ball is going to fall after so many rotations (up to 40) around the wheel.  Before you is an engaging account of an individual who supposedly did just that.  Decide for yourself whether what may seem like being in control of your luck at the roulette wheel only seems that way.

Joseph Jagger was a British mill engineer who lived in the 1800’s.  In 1873, Jagger began experimenting with an idea at the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco; a trick that would bring great success and fortune to the man who would later be known as “The man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo”  Jagger secretly hired six workers to monitor the six roulette wheels at the casino and keep track of their performances.  The data gathered showed that, statistically, one of the six wheels produced a clear partiality towards a certain set of nine numbers in that they came up a disproportionate amount when compared to the other numbers on that wheel.


At that point Jagger had obviously found his favorite table and was on his way to gamble accordingly.  He amassed a fortune within days until the casino began to counteract his stroke of “luck” by switching around the roulette wheels during closing hours.  Jagger, however, looked for the scratch he had spotted on his beloved machine and reunited himself with his goldmine.  His fortune came to a halt at USD 325,000 (nearly 5 million dollars in 2006), when the casino took apart all wheels and swapped the parts before putting them back together.  The Jagger dynasty probably saw the fruits of these special days at the casino for years to come from some property investments that Jagger had gone for.  Is it just by chance that the young Mick Jagger opted to compose rock classics rather than outsmart the casinos?  Perhaps just a slight tap on the roulette wheel of life is what turned him into...a rolling stone.