What Scoreboards are really used for in Roulette Games

What Scoreboards are really used for in Roulette Games

Most brick and mortar casinos that you visit these days feature electronic scoreboards on their roulette tables. If you frequently play online roulette, it’s a given that you’re going to see scoreboards here too. Land-based roulette scoreboards show the last 12-20 winning numbers while online boards often display the last 8-10 winners.


Interestingly enough, many players think that scoreboards exist in roulette games to help those who use systems. For example, if a player only likes to bet on numbers that have won two or more times within the last 15 spins, they can use a scoreboard to do this. Likewise, those who prefer to place bets based on red/black patterns can use boards for this as well. 

So is there any truth to the notion that electronic scoreboards mainly exist to help those who use systems to play online roulette? Not quite because roulette boards serve other larger purposes than simply helping people with systems. That said, let’s look at the main reasoning behind scoreboards and further discuss why using them for pattern-based betting is a mistake.

 A Great Help to Players

The primary purpose for offering roulette scoreboards is so that everybody can clearly see winning numbers without straining themselves or pushing somebody out of the way. Numbers on roulette wheels aren’t always easy to see – especially during peak casino hours when tables get crowded. 

Obviously there are no crowds when you play online roulette, but the idea remains the same in that casinos want you to clearly see numbers. On smaller iPad and iPhone screens, it’s especially helpful when you have an electronic board to look at in addition to the wheel. Online casinos also want to keep the brick and mortar feel in tact, which is another reason why they put the electronic scoreboard in roulette games.

Going back to the concept of using these boards for systems, this is just an added benefit for casinos. Systems add enthusiasm to the game and get people to collectively make more wagers with the game. But as we alluded to before, wagering based on patterns or mathematical systems can be a big mistake in certain situations.

Basing Roulette Systems off Scoreboards doesn’t work 

The only way to gain an advantage over the house in roulette games is to correctly use wheel bias or some elaborate cheating method. Seeing as how the latter is illegal and wheel bias is very time-consuming, most people stay away from them. Instead, many people gravitate towards systems because they’re normally easy to learn and seem like they could work.

One popular system that’s really easy to use involves tracking previous winning numbers/colors and using this data to make future bets. For example, if you like to make odd/even number bets and you see that an odd number has won the past three spins, it seems likely that an even number will win next. Scoreboards make this process really simple because rather than trying to keep track of digits in your head or on paper, you can just look at the board to govern your next wager. 

Now this is pretty harmless in the grand scheme of roulette games and adds more enjoyment for many players. However, the trouble comes in when people start increasing their bets to take advantage of trends. Assuming you use a sizable portion of your bankroll when doing so, it can cause you to burn through money rather quickly.

The important thing to realize here is that past results have no bearing on future spins when you play roulette. Sure it seems like three odd numbers in a row would mean an even number is due, but this is just a random occurrence that has no effect on what the next spin result will be. 

In essence, looking at electronic scoreboards to guide betting patterns is no more likely to turn you into a winner than playing regular roulette games over 3D roulette. Of course, as we’ve mentioned before, it’s alright to use pattern-based systems when you play online roulette – just don’t get carried way with increasing wager sizes!