Why Roulette Games aren’t as Prevalent in Casinos

Why Roulette Games aren’t as Prevalent in Casinos

Many casino visitors would agree that roulette is among the most entertaining games on the floor. There’s nothing quite like watching the well-polished wheel spinning around while your money hangs in the balance. Surprisingly though, roulette games aren’t as prevalent in casinos as many other table games. If you’re curious as to why this is the case, here’s a quick look at the matter.

A Business Decision

Casinos aren’t nonprofit organizations that are trying to raise money for youth groups and the sick; instead, they’re hoping to make consistent money off of players. This being the case, they look to fill their floor with games that make the most money. So if they feel that there are more people wanting to play video poker than Pai Gai poker, you can count on seeing more video poker games.

Unfortunately, most land-based casinos don’t consider roulette games to be one of their big money-makers. Sure roulette is an enjoyable game that’s survived the test of time, and people even like to play free roulette. However, from a pure business perspective, filling a casino floor with roulette tables doesn’t bring in the same amount of revenue as other games.

Getting into the reasons why this is the case, the first is that roulette games run pretty slow. After all, players have to put their chips on the table, the wheel has to finish spinning, and the dealer has to sort everything out following a spin. The latter is a relatively lengthy process in itself since players all have their own color-coded chips.

In comparison, games like blackjack and craps feature must faster action, which enables casinos to make more profits off the frequent bets. Now roulette’s slower pace can be forgiven because some players make multiple bets on the same spin. However, there aren’t usually enough multiple bettors to make up for the lengthy process in between spins.

Another reason why roulette tables are less frequently seen in casinos is because of the higher house edge – especially in American casinos. On the American roulette wheel, players deal with a 5.26% house edge, which is definitely bigger than typical blackjack (0.5%), craps (1.41%) and baccarat (1.06%) casino advantages. And while this higher house edge isn’t a total deterrent for those who wish to play roulette games, it doesn’t exactly beckon experienced gamers either.

Where to find the Best Roulette Games

While you may not have endless roulette options at your fingertips in land-based casinos, there are definitely plenty of choices in online casinos. For starters, you can play free roulette, which merely requires that you take a few moments to create a casino account. Those who play free roulette are able to practice betting strategies and work on bankroll management without risking their cash.

If having the ability to play free roulette isn’t enticing, you should also consider the different real money games available. For example, you can find American roulette, European roulette (2.70% house edge) and French roulette (1.35% house edge) – the latter of which gives you an opportunity to take advantage of a low casino edge. Beyond the house edge, there are also unique online roulette experiences to be found in games like Crazy roulette and chat roulette.

All in all, online casinos are great because they don’t limit players’ roulette choices due to business reasons. Internet casinos don’t have to pay dealers or struggle with a limited amount of floor space, which enables them to offer this advantage. Of course, there are the obvious benefits to consider with online roulette too such as convenience and a lack of travel costs. Taking everything into account, there are definitely some good reasons for why people should try online roulette if they’re unsatisfied with the land-based choices.