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Scratch cards form part of a category of games known as instant win games. Players are not required to learn any complicated gaming rules, strategies or methodology – they are quick & easy to play and prizes are instant. These games are also known by several other names around the world including scratch games, scratch-and-win games, scratchies, scratch off tickets and scratchcards. Two types of scratchcard games are available to players – physical scratchcards (made from cardboard) and online scratchcards. The essence of both games is the same: a player purchases the scratchcard ticket and reveals the hidden symbols by scratching the squares on the grid. Physical scratchcard tickets conceal the symbols with a plastic-like film which is opaque in nature. Players are usually required to match at least 3 symbols to win a prize. The prize money is listed on the scratchcard ticket for each combination of winning symbols hit.

Players tend to enjoy these types of games because the winnings ratio is higher than other games such as slots. Many online scratchcards sites tout the fact that approximately 1 in every 4 scratchcards is a winner.

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Scratch card games come in many different forms. Players can enjoy these games online in a free play mode, before playing for real money. The rules of most scratchcard games are similar. The first order of business is the selection of a specific scratchcard game to play. Then, players will be required to make a wager in order to get the game started. As you wager more, so the potential payout increases. The results of scratchcard games are determined by random number generators in online games. Physical scratchcards are somewhat different in that a preset number of printed scratchcards are already winners. Physical scratchcards also require players to redeem their prizes by specific dates, failing which the prize money is forfeited. The rules and regulations governing physical scratchcards are often written on the back of the scratchcard ticket, and players should take the time to read the information carefully.  


Scratch cards are games of chance and most of the strategizing that takes place is done before the game is played. Scratchcard strategy revolves around bankroll management and the careful selection of scratchcard games. For example, it's important to understand how much needs to be bet in order to win the maximum payout on a scratchcard game. The lower your wagers are, the smaller your overall payout is even if you hit the right number of matching symbols. Money management strategy is very important when it comes to scratchcard gaming. These games are played fast and furious, and within a short time players can deplete their bankrolls if they are not careful. A solid strategy in this regard is to play scratchcard games in sessions – thereby minimising your overall risk and enhancing your enjoyment of the game. Experts agree that a safe practice for players sampling different types of scratchcard games is to play in a free-play mode, prior to wagering for real money on scratchcard games. The easy to play nature of scratch tickets largely negates the need for scratchcard strategy guides.


Scratchcard games are as varied as slots games. These instant winner attractions are available at gas stations, kiosks, grocery stores and online gaming sites. It is important to understand that a preset number of physical scratchcards are already winners in any particular batch that is disseminated to outlets. Players can actually find out if the bigger prizes have already been won before purchasing a scratchcard from a vendor. Online scratchcards are different in that random number generators determine the outcomes in real-time. Gaming experts advise players to only play scratchcard games that they can afford to play, with the knowledge that these lottery style games generally have better payouts than slots games. Other tips to follow include the use of bankroll management techniques, careful selection of scratchcard tickets and the use of the free-play mode. New players at online gaming sites can enjoy scratchcard games by using no deposit bonuses, welcome deposit bonuses, matching deposit bonuses and redeposit bonuses. With online scratch cards, players can use the reveal all feature to instantly display the hidden symbols. As with other casino games, scratchcard games should never be played when your judgment is impaired in any way.


Regardless of whether you play free scratchcard games or real-money scratchcard games, the process is the same. Players ‘purchase’ the scratchcard of their choice, scratch the surface of the card to reveal the hidden symbols, and then check to see if they have at least 3 matching symbols. The payout table on the scratchcard identifies the combinations of symbols and their associated prizes. Sometimes, scratchcards also feature bonus prizes for additional rewards. Instant gaming sites sometimes require players to register an account before they can play scratchcard games, while others offer free scratchcard games with no download required. In any event, a full registration is always required in order to play real-money scratchcard games.


Various randomisation techniques and methodologies are responsible for the creation of scratchcard games. An American company in 1974 – Scientific Games Corporation – produced the first computer-driven instant lottery game. John Koza is credited with inventing scratchcard games. Together with Daniel Bower, they took these instant win games to the market and the rest is history. Koza earned his bachelor of arts in computer science in 1964, then he completed his master of science and by 1972 he held a Ph.D. in computer science studies. The reason why he and Daniel Bower were so eager to get scratchcards going is that lottery games required players to wait up to 1 week for the results to come out. Koza and Bower knew that players really wanted instant gratification, instant results and instant rewards. The first patent for instant scratchcard lottery tickets was issued in 1987 for Astro-Med Incorporated. In March of 1987, scratchcard games went on sale in the United Kingdom. Over the course of time, different types of scratchcard games have been made available. These include casino-themed scratch card games (blackjack, monopoly, poker, roulette), sports-themed scratch card games (football, rugby, NASCAR, skeet shooting, tennis) and others. In honour of John Koza and Daniel Bower, the Lottery Industry Hall of Fame inducted them as charter members.

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