Biggest Scratch Card Wins of All-Time

Biggest Scratch Card Wins of All-Time

Scratch cards seem to get stereotyped as a game where players can’t win big prizes. The reason why is because there are a lot of instant win scratch tickets where the most players can collect is $500 or $1,000. However, the idea that people can’t get rich through land-based or online scratch cards is a total myth. And the following stories of the biggest scratch card winners ever will prove this point.

Sandy Grant – $10 Million

Normally you only see $10 million prizes paid out in slots or traditional lottery games. But Sandy Grant proved to be the exception after she grabbed the largest scratch card payout of all-time. Based on her $10 million win, you’d probably expect Grant to be living in a luxurious mansion and driving fancy sports cars.

But the truth is that her life hasn’t changed much at all in the aftermath of becoming a multi-millionaire. The Edgartown, Massachusetts native still lives in the same home that she’s occupied for the past 25 years and manages to play scratch cards from time to time. Grant also kept her old jobs, which include delivering horses to Martha’s Vineyard and driving a cruise bus. However, she did drop a third job that involved driving a taxi full-time.

Joan Ginther – $15 Million (Collectively)

They say that your odds of being struck by lightening are better than winning a jackpot when you play scratch cards. If that’s the case, then Joan Ginther had better be extra careful during thunderstorms because she’s won three different jackpots through scratch card games!

Years after a $5.4 million lottery jackpot in 1993, the Texas native collected a $2 million scratch ticket win. She continued to play scratch cards and won $3 million in 2008 and another $10 million in 2010; the latter windfall tied Ginther with Sandy Grant for the biggest scratch ticket win ever. What’s interesting about this math professor’s story is that some people think she used her mathematical ability to discover patterns in these games. Unfortunately, we may never know her secret because Ginther doesn’t like to talk with the media.

 Maria Murray – £1 Million ($1.62m)

If there was ever anybody who needed a big-time win in scratch cards, it was British waitress Maria Murray. The single mother of four children got paid minimum wage for waitressing and was too poor to buy her kids Christmas presents. However, things changed around when she used her last £5 to play scratch cards. And while some people might question this decision, it turned out to be an excellent one in hindsight after she hit a £1 million payout.

Following this windfall, the Bristol native made plans to give each of her four children £100,000. Additionally, she purchased the council home that she’d been renting for the past 18 years. Interestingly enough, Murray’s ex-husband, Tim Hunt, actually had the nerve to ask for £200,000 of the winnings; but he didn’t get any of the money of course.

Richard Brown – $1 Million

Richard Brown walked into a Massachusetts convenience store expecting to play the same scratch card game that he always did. However, he got a surprise when the store clerk accidentally gave him the wrong ticket. Despite not having the game he really wanted, Brown decided to scratch the ticket anyways. Not complaining definitely paid off for Brown because the scratch card he didn’t want turned out to be a $1 million winner.

 Kerry Marchment – £250,000 ($405k)

Okay, so maybe this young mother didn’t join the multi-millionaire club like some of the other winners on this list. But what makes Kerry Marchment interesting is that she doesn’t normally buy land-based or online scratch cards. However, the Brit felt like it was her lucky year so she purchased a scratch ticket and won £250,000. With her prize, Marchment bought a house and did a very common thing among big winners: took her kids to Disneyland!

Gisele L. – €200,000 ($264k)

Gisele L. is part of the new breed of players who are buying online scratch cards these days. And her decision to play online resulted in a very large and unexpected €200,000 payout. All Gisele L. was doing was playing her favorite game when the big win occurred. Now that she’s €200k richer, the Frenchwoman is excited to finally build a dream home for her family. And while she never gave a precise location for where the home will be, Gisele did hint that it will be in a very remote area of France.

Taking this woman’s big win into account, it’s definitely worth buying a few online scratch cards yourself so you too can have a chance at big money!