Got an Itch to Play Scratch Card Games?

Got an Itch to Play Scratch Card Games?

Scratch cards are widely accepted as the ideal instant-win game. The traditional scratch-off lottery cards purchased at convenience stores and retail establishments are almost everywhere you look. But the most exciting development is the introduction of online ‘scratch-off’ lottery cardssyThese provide gamers with a treasure trove of riches, when 3 lucky symbols hit. Folks that enjoy the scratch-off style of lottery cards, or ‘tickets’ can now enjoy them online, as well. Numerous sites offer an array of scratch-off style opportunities to ‘scratch’ and win – advertised at high win ratios, as high as 1 in 3 cards, or odds of wins at 95%. Of course you're going to have search a little to find the cards with the best payout odds. Great examples of scratch card games include How the West was Won - a cowboy adventure!

The Nature of the Scratch Card Frenzy

An American woman once won money on lottery scratch-off tickets totaling nearly £13 million. You heard about the latest winner at your local convenience store – they may have even posted the ‘winning ticket’ near the sales display of a plethora of scratch-off tickets. You know your Aunt religiously purchases her weekly $50 worth of the latex covered cards with so much potential treasure lying just below the surface. These scratch-off games grab our attention and give you a moment of intensely anxious anticipation of a prize, likely a cash prize. Or maybe a free ticket, so we try again. It is easy to get stirred up when you play and get two of the three numbers needed to be ‘the card’ that takes you to the bank!   Technology has made the joy of hidden surprises that might magically appear before our eyes even quicker, available online with a few clicks of the mouse. Gambling and games of chance are enjoyed globally and with the advent of online games even the scratch-off cards can be accessed on the internet. The possibility of winning a lot of money is quite an appealing draw and millions of people are eager to take part in the risk and investment in hope of some ‘luck’ in their pocket, for these games of chance.

Online Scratch Cards and Players Clubs

The accessibility of the internet has introduced a new way of playing the fun scratch-off tickets as well. Numerous gaming sites present the scratch-off tickets and boast of very high winning odds. You may encounter some sites with win-ratios reported at 1 in every 3 cards, or set at a certain percentage, for example 75% of cards are winners. It is already a pastime and game of chance that appeals to many people, now with a few clicks of the mouse they are at your fingertips. Online casinos and gaming sites will offer bonuses and free scratch cards just for signing up and becoming a member and hopefully a frequent player, at the site. For every winner, you see, are two ‘losers’ with the aforementioned ratio, so the ‘house’ actually comes out ahead more often than the enthusiastic scratch-ticket fan.


A few tips to improving your ‘chances’ of winning more with scratch off tickets online would include setting your sights first on lower-priced tickets with lower payouts. As you establish wins and make some money, set aside savings, or ‘bankroll’ and build it until you feel that it is large enough to move up to higher priced tickets with larger payouts. Take advantage of the sign up free stuff – free cards, account cash to play. Join ‘clubs’ that the casinos may offer to enjoy ‘perks’ such as ‘free game days’ and early releases of scratch games that the general public has not yet been offered. Set a limit of play for yourself and when your bankroll is at that minimum and you are not experiencing a good win ratio, it is time to stop playing for that time. There are other ways to improve your odds of winning and with the right math skills and resources; you could try those, too!

Hone Your Math Skills and Scratch Your Way to More “Wins”


Four-time lottery scratch-off ticket winner Joan Ginther might be aware of how to improve the odds of getting the scratch-off winner. She is the American woman who won £13 million on scratch-off tickets. She also happens to be a math professor, shopped at the same store for all of her tickets, and won not one large jackpot, but four! Pundits feel that perhaps there was there more to the timing than meets the eye? If the cards are ‘random’ the odds of that many large wins for one person at one store over a relatively short stretch of time would be a rare ‘violation’ of the statistical expectancy for the situation to occur. The fact is that the mass produced scratch-off cards are not ‘random’ at all! In fact, the only way to ensure that the lottery doesn’t go broke is to generate a specific number of winning cards. The manner in which these cards are printed are actually controlled by computer software that applies a formula or system as to when the winning numbers will print, and onto which cards.


Mathematicians like Joan Ginther could apply logic or quantitative reasoning and identify the pattern by which the numbers are dispersed. In other words a person with mathematical ability could potentially ‘crack the code’ using the formula and other variables such as how the cards are distributed, geographically. Armed with this information a person could increase their odds of buying the ‘winner’ substantially so. Reports have indicated that Ginther was able to view the high-stakes scratch cards when they arrived at the store and in doing so she identified cards that possessed certain display numbers that tipped her off the appropriate equations and patterns, and subsequently purchase the winning cards. If this is a way to improve the odds of winning more at scratch-off, it will certainly require a lot of time, effort, expertise, and money to execute. Lotteries are going to work very hard to ensure that the ‘random’ nature of the game remains in their favor. That’s not to say that people shouldn’t enjoy the excitement and possibly even an occasional winning ticket, but they should do so with a bit of caution.