"How the West was Won"

How the West Was Won is a scratchcard game that is based on the American frontier times, often referred to as the Wild West. This highly charged period in American expansionist history details the Western migration and occupation of the North American continent by Caucasians. These settlers started to move en masse west of the Mississippi River after the Louisiana Purchase came into effect. The settlers began to run amok as they established communities, railroads, gold mining exploits and create safe passage for those to come. One of the catalysts to exploration west of the Mississippi River was the thriving fur trade. From the Atlantic side of the USA, to the Pacific side, wide scale mapping of territories was taking place at a rate of knots. Gunmen, lawmen, tribesmen and everyone in between was jockeying for position in what was effectively unchartered territory at the time. Various wars ensued between the European settlers and the Native Americans.

How the West Was Won is a fascinating scratch card attraction that is loosely based on this rich period in American history. Players can play this game for free or for real money at 777.com.

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About 'How the West Was Won' Scratch Cards


The rules of the game simply require that players place a bet – known as a stake value – and then click the Go button. The paytable lists all the possible winning combinations available to players, including the following: A Pair of Crossed Rifles x1, a Horseshoe x 2, Sheriff Badge X5, Mustached Bandit X 25, the Blonde Haired Cowboy x 100, Native American x 200, Rock Jaw Cowboy x 500, and the Red Haired Cowgirl x 1,000. There are 6 squares that players can reveal – each with wanted posters and potential rewards. The Lucky Symbol featured beneath 'How the West was Won' rewards players with the selfsame payouts as listed in the paytable, if that icon appears. In the event that multiple Lucky Symbol icons are revealed from behind the 6 squares, players will win the associated payouts. Note that if no correlation is found between the Lucky Symbol and the revealed icons beneath the 6 squares, then it's game over. The rules state that the minimum stake value per scratchcard game with How the West Was Won is 0.50. On the flipside, the maximum stake value permissible is 50 currency units.


How the West Was Won is an instant win game. This scratch card game is governed by software which uses random number generators to determine the outcomes. These RNGs are independent of player actions. This is to say that whether you bet at the minimum stake value or at the maximum stake value, the random number generator is not going to interfere with the outcome of the scratchcard game. Players can thus rest assured that the only strategy that is required of them in How the West Was Won is that of bankroll management. An effective strategy for managing your money necessitates that you first determine how much personal disposable income is available to you prior to an online gambling session. Secondly, it's important to understand that multiple games may need to be played before you notice returns. Thus, it bodes well to place affordable wagers per game, across the entire gaming session. As with any casino game, an important strategy is to understand precisely what is required in order to win. The paytable serves as the blueprint of the game’s payout combinations and requirements.


The standard tips for scratch card games apply with How the West was Won. Players should first understand the paytable and the associated payouts prior to playing the game for real money. There are 8 potential icons that can appear from beneath the hidden squares. These include the rifles, horseshoes, sheriff badges, bandit, blonde-haired cowboy, Native American, rock-jaw cowboy and the redhead cowgirl. The payout combinations are listed alongside each of these symbols. Unlike other scratchcard games, players do not have to match x 3 of the same symbol to win a payout. All that’s required is for the Lucky Symbol to match one of the symbols that is revealed from the 6 hidden symbols. When there’s a match, players will win the associated multiplier. For example a wager of 1 currency unit will pay out x 1 with each rifle symbol, x 2 with each horseshoe, x 5 with each sheriff badge, x 25 with each bandit, x 100 with each blonde-haired cowboy and so forth. The maximum multiplier is x1,000 with the redhead cowgirl. If you’re looking to minimize your risks and play for longer, then you can place wagers at 0.50 per game. That’s the minimum. The maximum per game is 50 currency units. That means the absolute maximum payout is 50,000 currency units if you hit the redhead cowgirl as your lucky symbol and it is revealed from beneath the 6 hidden squares. The probabilities diminish dramatically for the higher-paying symbols. As this is a game of chance, there is nothing that players can do to influence the outcomes. It is however possible that a big win can result at any time – regardless of the previous outcomes.


How the West Was Won is an easy game to play. There are no complicated game rules, no complex betting strategies required and no competitors to play against. All that’s required is the selection of either real-money mode or practice play mode. Note, it is possible to enjoy the game off your browser for real money without downloading any casino software. For the real-money mode to be enjoyed, it’s important to register your account details first, make a deposit and claim your welcome bonus. The welcome bonus is a useful bankroll booster for players and it increases the amount of games you can play, with less of your cash and more on the house. When you match multiple symbols with your Lucky Symbol, then the cumulative sum is paid out to you.


How the West Was Won arrived on the scene fairly recently. This scratch card game brings instant gaming to players with no experience required.

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