It’s Time to Draw: How the West was Won!

How the West Was Won’ features as one of the fastest and most exciting scratch card games. The game feature 6 squares concealing symbols and characters. The characters include the Indian Chief, the Sheriff’s Badge, the Horseshoe, the Cowgirl, the Blonde-Haired Cowboy, Rifles, the smug-faced Cowboy and other characters. Each of these characters brings a new perspective to the game. And while they’re merely static images, they bring plenty of personality to game. brings this game to life with startling realism. Players have plenty of opportunity to win in this instant-play Scratchcard game. There are 2 ways to win – unlike in other scratch card games:

  • Reveal 3 matching symbols in the 6 square boxes and win the associated prizes
  • Match one of the hidden symbols with the Lucky Symbol and win the associated prize

Players at are able to immerse themselves in this feature-rich game in either instant-play free mode or real-money mode. Flash gaming technology allows players to delve into the world of ‘How the West Was Won at no cost and with no risk. Free-play mode comes complete with £1,000 in play money. Betting limits start at a minimum of £0.50 and goes up to a maximum of £50.00 per play. And the higher the wagers go, the bigger the paydays become when the matching symbols hit.

The Paytable is Comprised of the Following Odds:

  • Rifles x1
  • Horseshoes x2
  • Sheriff Badge x5
  • Black Mustache Bandit x25
  • Blonde Mustache Cowboy x100
  • Indian Chief x200
  • Young Upstart Cowboy x500
  • Red-Haired Cowgirl x1,000

The Scratchcard game instantly calculates the payout odds based on the betting stake placed on the game. The higher the bets, the bigger the paydays in How the West was Won! Strategy guides for this game suggest that playing the max wagers is the best way to go. The game takes place in rugged mountain country. Dry desert heat, blistering-hot sun and gunfire peppers the landscape of the Wild West. The audio is a fine accoutrement to a fast and furious game of jackpot-laden treasures.

Play How the West was Won

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