'How the West was Won' Rules

How the West was Won is a rollicking Wild-West themed scratch card game. The rules are real easy to understand partner and the action starts right away. Go ahead and Scratch your Wild Win!

Simply select your stake value – from a minimum of 0.50 to a maximum of 50. 

Click ‘GO’ and reveal the hidden icons one by one or click ‘Reveal All.’

It’s a case of matching your Lucky Symbol with an identical symbol in the 6 hidden boxes.

The Paytable is as follows as listed below: Prizes are calculated by multiplying the stake amount by the prize associated with hitting the identical symbol from the 6 hidden blocks.

If multiple identical symbols appear in the 6 hidden boxes then each prize associated with each symbol is added to the total winnings.

The max prize per matching symbol is 50,000 and the minimum is 0.50.