Odds of winning with Online Scratch Cards

Odds of winning with Online Scratch Cards

While online scratch cards are becoming more and more popular by the day, many people aren’t exactly sure what their chances of winning in these games are. After all, internet scratch cards are not as widespread as other casino games like blackjack and slots. This being said, let’s discuss how likely people are to win when they play scratch cards.

Better than you’re used to

When most people think about scratch cards, they don’t daydream about winning minimal prizes. No, the average person dreams about winning a huge payout when they play scratch cards. And seeing as how some scratch games feature top prizes worth millions of dollars, getting rich is entirely possible.

The only problem with these types of games is that they’re offered through land-based vendors where the odds of winning are quite low. For example, you might only have a 1-in-40 or worse chance of winning with a land-based scratch ticket. Sure when you do hit a payout, it’s big; but some players may feel like it’s an eternity before this happens!

This is what’s great about online scratch cards because the odds of winning are much higher. For example, many sites typically give players around a 1-in-5 chance of winning with any single ticket. Compared to what happens when people play scratch cards through brick and mortar vendors, a 1-in-5 chance is really good. Furthermore, you can still expect to find large payouts available since online scratch games offer top prizes worth up to 10,000x your bet or more.

Payout Percentages

While knowing how frequently you can win with online scratch cards is nice, many experienced players want to know what kind of payout percentages (a.k.a. payback) they can expect. Payout percentage, which is a term often used in slots, describes how much the average person will win back through their wager.

With scratch cards, payback all depends on the specific game you’re playing and how much you are betting per card. However, as a general rule of thumb, most people can expect to earn around 95% payback when they play scratch cards over the internet. And this is actually pretty good when you compare it across the board with other casino games.

For example, most online slots games offer around 95% payback, while internet keno doesn’t normally even offer payout percentages this high. Baccarat (98.94% payback), blackjack (99.5%), craps (98.59%), and European roulette (97.3%) are all better than scratch cards from a payback perspective. However, some of these games require strategy, and players can’t win huge payouts for a small investment. So if you’re looking for a fairly decent payout percentage without much thinking involved, scratch cards are perfect.

Game Variety

Besides the fact that online scratch cards give you a decent chance to win money, it’s also worth mentioning that there are a nice variety of games available too. For instance, you can play scratch tickets that are fashioned after casino games like roulette and slots, or you can play ones with an Olympic or gold mining theme. Because there are lots of different scratch cards available, it’s unlikely that you’ll get bored playing these.

One more aspect we’d like to mention is how there are various bet sizes that can be made too. Most internet casinos allow you to bet anywhere from $0.50 to $2 per card, and the more you wager, the more winnings you stand to collect. So as you can see, there are plenty of great reasons to play scratch cards and try to win big!