Scratch Card Strategies and Superstitions

Scratch Card Strategies and Superstitions

Scratch cards are simple and very entertaining lottery games. Players love the anticipation and interaction they get while playing these games. Some players are so loyal to their scratch card games that they will buy the same games every week in hopes of hitting the big jackpot. Many players have created their own strategies and superstitions to increase their chances of winning. Some people make their scratch card decisions based on numerology or even determine the day or hour they feel their luck is at its best before they purchase a scratch card. Most of these superstitions and strategies will not affect a player’s luck, but there are a few that have merit.

Scratch Card Strategies

There are a few tips that players can follow to increase their chances of winning. First, players should play the scratch card games that offer more chances to win. Scratch cards that offer more chances to win are those with multiple games on a single card. Players can also buy scratch cards that give better winnings odds. When selecting a scratch card game, players should know all the available games so they can select a card that is best for them. There are many different types of scratch card games that are out there and every game is unique. In addition, scratch card games provide instant gratification because players do not need to wait to find out if they have won. In contrast, the regular lottery takes place on a specific date so players must wait to find out if they are the big winner. 

 Some scratch card game prizes are paid out over a long period of time. These may be better choices for players because the prize money will be given to them once a week or once a month – similar to a regular paycheck. Players should purchase poker, roulette or blackjack themed scratch cards because they offer additional play options which will increase the chances of winning. Scratch cards are readily available at gas stations, supermarkets and shops so many people have access to them. This greatly reduces the odds of winning a large prize, so players need to be wise when buying scratch card. It is important to set a scratch card budget and then stick to that budget. In order to control spending, when players go over their scratch card budget they must not purchase any additional cards.

Lottery and Scratch Card Superstitions

Some scratch card and lottery players are superstitious about where they purchase their tickets and games from every week. Many players simply choose to purchase their tickets from the gas station or supermarket that is closest to them while other are willing to go a greater distance for that winning ticket. These players may decide to purchase their tickets at a retailer that has previously sold them a winning ticket. This may sound odd to some people, but when it is reported that a particular shop sold a winning ticket, their sales increase almost instantly because players hope that some of that luck will come to them. 

Players will also base their lottery numbers on their lucky numbers. Some players have a single lucky number while others have several lucky numbers that they use to play the lottery with. Players who use lucky numbers may use the same numbers for each week’s lottery or use new lucky numbers for each scratch ticket. Some players even buy a certain number of tickets based on what their lucky number is. No matter the variations, superstitions in regards to numbers are likely to stick around as long as lotteries are available. 

Dream Your Way to Winnings?

Another common lottery superstition is based on dreams. Some players believe that their dreams have given them the winning lottery numbers. Even though most people do not give any merit to dreams that have to do with the ending of the world or a crash in the stock market, many people do believe that dreams can actually help them win the lottery. When people have these dreams, they immediately rush to purchase a lottery ticket. Of course, actually purchasing a ticket clearly improves the chances of winning even if the odds are only 1 in several million instead of 0. When players do win the lottery after their dream, they will give the credit to their vision rather than coincidence. Scratch card and lottery players may also carry good luck charms with them when they purchase a ticket or choose their numbers. These good luck charms can include a 4 leaf clover, a rabbit’s foot or a homemade trinket.

There are also some more unusual scratch card and lottery superstitions that players adhere to. Some players insist that they must enter a shop that sells scratch cards with their left foot and then they will instruct the attendant to give them their ticket with his or her right hand. Players may also decide to put a large silver coin in their shoe when they purchase their lottery ticket. Other players go so far as to rub a bald man’s hand before purchasing their ticket or will attach an upside down pin on the back of their shirt or collar when they purchase a ticket. Whether players choose to purchase their tickets for a certain shop, use lucky numbers to fill out their lottery card or rely on their dreams to tell them the winning numbers – superstition is in every player. Some players will go to greater lengths than others, but all players have a touch of superstition inside of themselves. Even if these superstitions seem irrational or ineffective, they do make scratch card and lottery games much more fun and much more intriguing. All in all, following these superstitions might not be so bad.