Scratch Card Tales

Scratch Card Tales

Winning lottery scratchcards produce some incredibly interesting reactions and decisions from the people who win. A common thread among winners appears to be a desire for anonymity and confidentiality for one reason or another. Interestingly, scratching and revealing a winning prize makes at least one lucky winner very hungry!   The following accounts of unique lottery scratchcard prizewinners demonstrate the expected (the desire for privacy) reactions to the unexpected (consuming the scratchcard) reactions. An intriguing spectrum, indeed, so please enjoy the following lottery tales – presented here for your reading pleasure.

Monopoly Scratch Card Nets £1 Million

Nothing has been officially confirmed yet but rumor has it that an anonymous individual is holding a very valuable Monopoly scratch-to-win ticket in Sutton, UK. The ticket is a jackpot win from the National Lottery/Monopoly scratchcard game run by Camelot. The standard Monopoly scratchcards have a 10 to 1 chance of winning £5 up a 3,656, 200 to 1 chance of winning £1 Million. According to Camelot sources only one Monopoly scratchcard with a top prize of £1 Million remains unclaimed, as the other five were claimed throughout the year. The cards offer fifteen possible ways to win and they present two separate games and a bonus game on each ticket.  


Rumors also has it that this winning ticket was purchased in the borough of Sutton, the same location where yet another large, six-figure jackpot was won in the Euromillions Lottery earlier this year, as well. Camelot is approaching this win as a very private matter, as they are unable to confirm or deny any of the rumours. Some winners prefer to remain anonymous or extremely inconspicuous and they have that right, states a spokesperson from Camelot. Winners are given the option of whether or not to make their ‘lucky’ break public or to keep it ‘under wraps’. It may never be known just who scratched this most recent lucky Monopoly £1 Million top prize. Three months after selling the winning ticket, however, the shop or newsagents may go public with the fact that a winning ticket was sold by that particular establishment. It’s a snap to play scratchcard games!

Mysterious Winner Remains Anonymous

Another customer that got ‘lucky’ with a Lucky Lottery scratchcard obviously preferred to keep the excitement hush-hush, as well. The premier Store on West Street in Dunstable sold the ticket that made the anonymous winner as lucky as his own son! Priya Sivananthan from the Premier Store explained that the man who purchased the winning scratchcard is not a frequent customer at the store and his identity is unknown. Some lottery winners simply prefer to maintain confidentiality regarding their win for various personal reasons. Sivananthan reported to the Gazette that while purchasing his scratchcard he commented that he was hoping to have the luck of his son who is assumed to have won prizes on the Lucky Lottery scratchcards. The mysterious punter at Premier Store scratched to win a lucky prize of £12,500. It may not be hundreds of thousands, but it certainly is a substantial sum. Apparently good luck must run in the mystery family – so without further ado, congratulations are sent out into the universe, or at least the Dunstable area, to the lucky Dad that has £12,500 more in his pocket.

Scratch, Win, and Keep Working!

The story of Sandy Grant, a most unpretentious lady from Oak Bluffswas the shocked winner of $10 million last year. After purchasing her Billion Dollar Blockbuster scratchcard at Our Market, scratching it off in the parking lot, and returning to the store in disbelief. She needed confirmation that she really was a $10 million winner! This is the largest winner in the history of scratchcards – the world over. Ms. Grant is a great example of why the two previous winners seem so mysterious….and anonymous. Ms. Grant has been extremely cautious with her decisions following this windfall. She travels around town in a hat and sunglasses to avoid too much attention. She continues to work at one and a half of her jobs, down from the three jobs she maintained prior to the win.


Ms. Grant hired a young financial advisor who helps her to manage the money; she reported being quite overwhelmed in the early stages. Her financial advisor explained that a lot of people tried unscrupulously to get her business. Several firms sent her ‘teaser’ checks in the mail, free Superbowl tickets, and other ‘games’ and offering a variety of amounts to get her business. In the end, Ms. Grant found her financial advisor who has helped her to make strategic decisions about how to invest the money. They sold the ticket to a corporate buyer for a single lump sum that according to her advisor, over time and if invested properly will turn the approximately $5 million that she sold the ticket for into $20 million within three years. Ms. Grant is planning on donating to charities, and has plans to take a vacation, but other than that, she says, ‘things are pretty much the same’.

Scratchcard Winner Eats His Profit! 

Last but definitely not least – this story takes the prize for the ‘most unusual’ reaction to finding out that he just won £10,000 on a scratchcard lottery ticket. Another anonymous character in the tales of lottery scratchcard winners, this man ate up his winnings before he even had a chance to collect them! As a passenger on Ryanair, he was en-route from Krakow, Poland to East Midlands Airport when he scratched the lucky card. Crew members on the plane observed his card and verified that it was indeed a winner, but much to the man’s dismay they informed him that he would have to wait until the plane landed and he would need to collect the winnings from the company that operates the competition. 

Frustrated that he couldn’t get his hands on the money right then and there, the man proceeded to put his teeth on the card as he chewed it and ate it until it was gone. The flight crew offered the man a variety of on-flight snacks and sandwiches to prevent him from consuming the entire scratchcard, but he promptly refused and continued chewing his cardboard.   Unfortunately for him he will never be able to collect his prize money as he digested it before the plane even landed. The money will now be donated to charity. The next time this fellow buys a scratchcard he may want to eat lunch before he actually scratches it off!