Are Airport Slots Games really that Bad?

Are Airport Slots Games really that Bad?

One of the most common pieces of advice that you’ll hear in regard to slots games is to avoid machines at the airport. The reason behind these words of wisdom is that airport slots are said to be much tighter than games found in casinos and online. But with so many myths infesting the slots world, it’s worth closely examining whether or not airport machines have extremely poor payout percentages.

Shrouded in Mystery

Slots payout percentages aren’t exactly the most widely available information to players. But as least when you play online slots or in land-based casinos, you can usually find how much payback a game is offering through simple internet research. For example, if you were going to play Spiderman slots, you could eventually find that it offers 95.8% payback. However, with an airport slots machine, you might search and search, but still not discover its payout percentage.

Information on airport games and their payouts is pretty scarce because private entities run these machines and rent space from airports. But there is some info and estimates on payout percentages for these games. Industry expert Michael “Wizard of Odds” Shackleford once did a survey on Las Vegas airport slots and discovered that nickel denomination machines offer around 85% payback.

Considering that Las Vegas casinos average around 91% payback for nickel slots, the airport number is pretty terrible. What’s more is that you won’t find good payout percentages when looking at other airports with slots games either and we’ll explain why.

No Competition

One of the surest ways to attract visitors to a casino is by offering slots machines with high payback. After all, if people hear that a casino has loose slots, they’re very likely to pump some coins in since they know there’s a solid chance of winning. But what happens when a gaming establishment has little-to-no competition?

This is often the case with airports because they’re in a different class than casinos in regard to gaming. When somebody plays slots at the airport, they’re doing it to pass the time while waiting on a flight – not because they specifically came there to play. Since airports aren’t competing directly with other airports for gamers, those renting space can get away with putting tighter slots out on the floor.

Can you win at Airport Slots?

Due to the low payout percentages offered in airports, many slots players wonder if they have any hope of winning with these games. And while the chances of you winning money at the airport are lower, it’s not impossible.

Search around and you’ll find plenty of tales involving people collecting huge airport payouts. Even if the payout percentages are only around 85%, these are still regular games with big payouts available. So before you think airport machines are black holes which automatically suck up your money, do note that there are lots of winners.

However, we aren’t exactly endorsing that people play these games unless they don’t care about the odds and are merely looking to have some fun. Assuming you’re a serious player, it’s better to wait until the casinos before you start spinning the reels. The payout percentages are much better here and you have a decent opportunity to earn some profits. Plus you can earn comps on your play, which isn’t possible at airports.

An even better idea is to play online slots because this is where the absolute best payback is found. Most games on the internet offer at least 94-95% payback, while some of the high coin denomination slots feature payout percentages as high as 98%. One more thing worth mentioning here is how you can expect to find a wide variety of games when you play online slots, which ensures that there’s never a dull moment. Assuming you’re interested in playing online slots, it doesn’t take long at all to create an account and deposit.