Bejeweled Video Slots Gaming Bonanza

Bejeweled Video Slots Gaming Bonanza

Few games at online casinos are able to generate as much excitement as Bejeweled Video Slots. Besides being far more attractive than your average spinning-reel type games, Bejeweled Video Slots offer lots of gaming variety and are regularly being updated with new games by big-name software gaming companies like CryptoLogic, Microgaming and PlayTech among others.

For online players there are many benefits to enjoying Bejeweled Video Slots games. While there is no doubt that there will always be a demand for reel slots, Bejeweled Video Slots are all the rage. Fans of Bejeweled Video Slots games can enjoy many time and cost-related benefits. Typically your standard Bejeweled Video Slots design consists of 5-reels with 15-25 paylines but there can be up to 50-paylines for these games.

There are many added extras in Video Slots gaming. These include, but are not limited to, Free Spins where bucket-loads of extra money can be won, and Bonus Games – which are few in slot games. For the astute gambler, Video Slots provide many more hours of gaming pleasure, because the betting amounts are far smaller than with your typical slot machines. But from the gaming side there are multiple winning combos with Video Slot games.

Reasons to enjoy Video Slots

·         Video Slots offer gambling fun with much lower coin sizes, such as ‘Penny Slots’ games

·         Many more hours of gaming pleasure can be enjoyed at a fraction of the cost

·         Much higher hit-rates than with the standard slot machines

·         Many more paylines and many more winning combinations

·         The Bonus Games features are stunning

Ways in which Video Slots can be improved

·         The low-cost gaming option of Video Slots means lower payouts with lower bets

·         Oftentimes winning combinations will be lost if not all the paylines are played

·         While betting on multiple lines, the amount you are betting also increases

·         Only max bets will pay out the maximum jackpots

·         Many myths still exist proclaiming the benefits of 5 reel slots over 3 reels slots

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