Best Time to Quit an Online Slots Game

Best Time to Quit an Online Slots Game

One online slots subject that’s heavily steeped in superstition involves when the best time to end a session is. For many people, this time is when they’ve lost a certain amount of money – i.e. $10, $20, etc. However, other players take a different approach to the matter and base their quitting time on either a winning or losing spin. So is there an ideal time for when a person should no longer play online slots? Let’s take a look at some different theories on the matter to come up with an answer.

Quitting after a Big Win

One of the most common thoughts with regards to stopping a slots session involves ceasing after a large win. Now the size of the win is all relative, but for our purposes, we’ll say that “large” includes any 200-coin win or bigger. Assuming you do collect this amount or more, you’d of course stop playing online slots for the day.

Now this doesn’t mean you have to continue to play online slots relentlessly until a payout of 200 coins comes. After all, if you’re tired of playing a game or your bankroll is running low, you can stop at any time; however, win size would be the ultimate determinate in when you stop under this theory.

The main logic behind quitting after a big win revolves around the idea that your windfall has come, and it’s unlikely that any more huge payouts are on the way. When looking at the odds, your chances of winning a large payout again are pretty slim. But it’s also worth saying that games don’t keep track of past results when you play online slots, so you’re just as likely to win big on the next spin as with the previous spin.

Quitting after a Losing Spin

On the opposite end of the spectrum are those who believe online slots players should end their session on a losing spin. For instance, if you’re getting tired of playing and you begin losing, you should stop following the next loss. Those who subscribe to this theory want to quit after losses because a losing streak could be right around the corner.

As for whether or not this system is any better than stopping after a win, there’s no benefit to quitting after a loss. Once again, past results are independent of future spins, so even if you lose five times in a row, there’s nothing preventing you from winning a huge payout on the next spin.

Playing until a Certain Amount has been spent

When some people play online slots, they could care less about smaller wins because their only focus is the jackpot. This being the case, they set a bankroll for online slots and aren’t concerned about whether they’re stopping after a win or loss; instead, these players are more concerned about how much cash they’ve spent during a session. For example, if your bankroll is $500 and were to play Bejeweled slots, you might quit playing after losing $30-$50 in a session.

So how does this method of quitting slots stack up to the previously described advice? Well its roots aren’t totally grounded in superstition, which is certainly a good start. And if you’re disciplined when it comes to bankroll management, this is a really good way to quit slots sessions.

Don’t forget your Preferences

If there’s one main thing you can take away from our discussion, it’s that there is no perfect time to quit when you play online slots. This is especially the case when you’re trying to decide whether to stop playing slots after a win or loss because you’ve got the same chance of winning on the next spin regardless.

The biggest aspect that you need to consider in all of this is your bankroll – or rather having the willpower to stop at a time that’s in line with your bankroll management plan. Assuming your bankroll was $300 and you wanted to quit after losing $30, you should stop after dropping $30 regardless of whether the last spin turned up a winner or loser.

Of course not everything in online slots revolves around numbers and plans, so there is some room here for personal preferences. For instance, if your past experiences have strongly favored quitting after a win, you should stick with this trend until you see a reason not to do so. Going further, having superstitions and strong beliefs is a good way to keep the fun intact when you play online slots.