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Cleopatra Slots is modeled after the Macedonian beauty who ruled Egypt from 69 BC to 30 BC. She was the last reigning Pharaoh of Egypt. The fascinating history of Cleopatra spans multiple continents, as her lineage stems from Greek roots. Her family ruled a region of ancient Egypt known as Ptolemaic Egypt after the death of Alexander the Great. The region was entirely Greek speaking. In fact, it was recorded by historians that the Ptolemaic people refused outright to converse in Egyptian. This is further evidenced by the official languages that were used for all legal proceedings in ancient Egypt – both Greek and Egyptian. The Rosetta Stone is a case in point. The myths and legends about Cleopatra have been the subject of discussion ever since she reigned in the land of the pyramids. Cleopatra was a remarkable woman, a leader and a virtual Isis in the eyes of her people. Her captivating allure is the inspiration for the Cleopatra slots game available on site.

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This game is governed by similar rules to other 5 reel, 20 payline slots games. Players have the option to practice Cleopatra slots for fun, with no need to register account details. This mode allows players to enjoy the game with demo money – a faux bankroll. The other alternative is to play for real. Real-money play requires players to register their personal information, including name, address, e-mail, and payment details. As soon as your username/password has been obtained, you can enjoy real money gaming on Cleopatra slots. The rules for this particular game are easy to understand, and you can confirm the payout information by checking the paytable. The first order of business is to place a wager by using the left and right arrow keys (- and +). A wide range of betting options is available to players. Then an appropriate number of paylines needs to be selected between 1 and 20. The play button will spin the reels and any winnings will accrue in your account.


Strategy for games of chance usually takes place in the pre-play phase of the game. To this end, players are advised to practice Cleopatra slots online before they play for real. The practice mode, in conjunction with a careful analysis of the paytable, is your best resource in the game. The most important strategic plan to implement in slots games like Cleopatra slots, is to understand precisely what your bankroll is ahead of time. There are several ways to get the most out of Cleopatra slots. One such way is to limit your wagers to an affordable level and play the maximum number of paylines at that level. Owing to the fact that this is a game of chance, there is nothing that can be done on the player's end to affect the outcomes. Thus, the strategy should be aimed at enhancing the overall gaming experience.


Tips for Cleopatra slots are not dissimilar to the tips that can be implemented for other video slots games. Expert slots players advise newcomers to practice Cleopatra slots online for free, prior to wagering for real money. This technique allows you to preserve your bankroll until you're ready to opt-in for real-money play Players can maximise their gaming experience by allocating a preset bankroll to each of the slots gaming sessions. It is advisable to divide your play into multiple sessions in order to avoid falling into 'traps'. These include fatigue, losing streaks, highs or lows and playing with reckless abandon. The allocation of a slots budget is the single most important determinant of your success at slots games. Responsible gaming conduct is a prerequisite for success and enjoyment with Cleopatra slots. Another important consideration is to understand the paytable. This comprehensive listing of symbols and their associated payoffs is an important aspect of the game. Further, it informs players how much they will receive should certain combinations hit, given their present wagers. As with all gambling games, players should always be of sound mind when playing for real money.


When it comes to playing the game both real money players and practice-mode players follow the same steps. The first order of business is to select your preferred wager. This is easily done by clicking on the line bet button by toggling the left/right arrow keys. The minimum bet can be as low as 0.01 at certain online casinos and a maximum bet is usually 10 currency units. Once the bet has been selected, players can proceed to choose how many paylines they wish to play. The minimum requirement is 1 and the maximum amount of paylines they can be played is 20. The next step is to click the play button. The reels will be spun, and all sorts of symbols – 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, evil eye, trumpet, cane, Cleopatra, scarab beetle, Egyptian symbols and artifacts – will start appearing. Once the reels come to a stop, winning combinations will be paid out and a new game can begin.


Cleopatra was only 18 years old when she assumed the throne in Egypt, and her legacy is one of rebellion, immense wealth, deception and enduring fame. Cleopatra’s sister was the ruler in her father's absence, but she was executed upon his return back to Egypt. Cleopatra’s romantic affair with Julius Caesar is well documented, and her affair with Marc Anthony is the stuff of legend. The Cleopatra slots game has enjoyed a successful run of form since inception several years ago. It is widely considered to be one of the better Egyptian-themed slots games, and is available at many online casinos around the world. The Cleopatra slots game has also gained significant popularity at traditional casinos - Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Macau, and Singapore. The online variant of this game differs from the land-based variant in terms of the payout percentage that players will enjoy. Online casino slots generally provide payouts between 94% and 98%, while their land-based equivalents hover in the region of 70% to 80%.

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