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The Fantastic Four Slot is fashioned on the Fantastic Four characters from the Marvel Comics series. This superhero group first appeared on the comic scene in 1961. The edition was titled The Fantastic Four #1. These fictional 4 superheroes were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. They envisioned a team of superheroes – the very first of their kind – known as The Fantastic Four. These characters were the cornerstone of team superhero characters for the Marvel Comics franchise. In fact, the breakout popularity of The Fantastic Four quickly put Marvel Comics on the map. As fate would have it, this 1960s team was an instant hit with comic book fans the world over. It is often stated that the Fantastic Four emerged during the silver age of comic books which are still available to this very day.  The Fantastic 4 slots game draws its inspiration from the comic book characters.

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About Fantastic Four Slots


The Fantastic Four slots is a 5 reel, 25 payline game. As is standard with all slots games, players should check the paytable to see precisely which winning combinations can be formed and what their associated payouts are. The game features the Hero Jackpot, the Superhero Jackpot and the Marvel Hero Jackpot. Each of these jackpots is randomly triggered and there is nothing that players can do to initiate these jackpots. The symbols on the game include 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace, the Fantastic Four Logo, the Test Tube, the Space Module, the Fantastic Four, Building, the Human Torch, the Thing, Dr Doom, the Invisible Woman, Mr Fantastic, the DNA Helix and The Fantastic Four Feature.

In addition, each of the 5 characters in the game has its own feature game. Players can play anywhere between 1 in 25 paylines. The lines played can be adjusted by using the left and right arrow keys. Likewise, the bet amount can be changed by using the left and right arrow keys beneath the bet button. When you click the Max lines button, it initiates the game sequence by playing the maximum number of lines (25) at the pre-stated bet amount. Note that the total bet amount equals the number of lines played multiplied by the bet per line. All payline winnings in the game are multiplied by the value of your bet per line. Only the highest possible wins are paid out on each activated payline. All scatter winnings are multiplied by the total bet amount and then added to the payline winnings.


The best strategy to adopt when playing The Fantastic Four Slots is to practice the game first in a practice-play mode before playing for real money. This is an effective means of understanding the intricacies of the game without risking any of your real money bankroll. The added benefits of playing practice mode games include not having to enter personal information, not having to download any casino software and not having to wager any real money. Plus, players can beef up their knowledge of the game, its multiple features, and payout combinations. The simplicity of the game makes it an inviting prospect for all slots aficionados. Strategic play necessitates that players understand each of the 5 features in the game. Mr Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, Human Torch, the Thing, and Dr Doom appear on reels 1 through 5 respectively. These wild symbols can substitute for any other symbols in the game with the exception of the scatter logo symbol, to form winning combinations. There are 3 Marvel jackpots in the game, and each of them is randomly triggered, so there is no strategy required of players in this department. The antagonist in the game is Dr Doom. This feature provides players with free games until the Dr Doom symbol appears on reel, 5. During the Dr Doom feature game, all winnings are tripled, but no re-triggers are possible.


The most important tips to remember when playing online slots games include careful management of your bankroll, a clear understanding of the paytable & associated payouts, and the use of the free gaming option. The Fantastic Four Slots is unique in many ways because it showcases 5 character feature games. The Fantastic Four feature is activated when 3+ scattered logos appear, the Mr fantastic feature provides 15 free games with the doubling of prizes, the Invisible Woman feature provide 10 free games with a tripling of prizes, the Human Torch feature provides 10 free games with a tripling of prizes, The Thing feature provides 15 free games with 2 – 10 multipliers. Players also have 3 Marvel jackpots in the game.  The Fantastic Four Slots pays out the most when you wager maximum bets on maximum paylines. The bet range is between 0.05 and 10 currency units per payline. With 25 paylines, the total bet can be 250 currency units per spin


The Fantastic Four slots can be enjoyed in an instant play free mode direct off your browser – with no download required. The other option is to play real money games with a quick & easy registration. All player information is kept under lock and key at all times via SSL technology and the highest encryption protocols. There are essentially two components involved in playing the game – selecting the bet size and selecting the number of lines to play. As soon as this has been done, the spin button can be clicked. Players wishing to play maximum lines off every spin can simply click the Max lines button. The real-money mode is also available to players and it does not require a download. 5 matching symbols of any of the featured characters pay out 5,000 coins. 5 DNA Helix symbols pay out 1,500 coins, 5 Fantastic Four scatter symbols pay out 100 coins, 5 Fantastic Four Building symbols pay out 500 coins, and all other symbols pay out between 250 coins and 100 coins when hit in the right combinations.


The team is made up of 4 fictional superheroes including: The Thing, Mr Fantastic, the Human Torch and the Invisible Woman. Their superhero powers are the result of exposure to cosmic radiation during an outer space mission. Mr Fantastic has the unique ability to stretch and contort his body into all shapes and sizes, while retaining incredible strength. The Human Torch literally becomes a fiery inferno of superhuman strength, while his sister the Invisible Woman can vanish right before your very eyes. She also has incredible powers with various force fields that she can conjure up. The Thing is one of the most iconic characters of all time, with superhuman strength and a rock-solid physique. Unlike many other superhero characters of the time, The Fantastic Four were publicity hounds. The Fantastic Four slots game is a 5 reel, 25 payline adaptation of this age-old superhero team.

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