Loose Slots - Myth or Reality?

 Loose Slots - Myth or Reality?

If you spend much time in the gambling world, you’re bound to eventually see an ad like the following:

We have the loosest slots anywhere!

The idea behind this is that casinos want to push how their slots offer the biggest and most frequent payouts when compared to the competition. And these ad campaigns are very effective because gamblers are always looking for slots games that give them the best chance of winning. However, there are also people who wonder whether or not there is any validity behind casinos claiming that they have extremely loose slots. And you’ll find an answer to this thought below.

Can you measure the Loosest Slots?

The first thing that needs to be examined in this subject is if there’s any true measure of loose slots. And the reality is that there’s no actual set of requirements or ratings system in place for loose slots. Basically, any casino can say that they have the loosest slots without actually having to prove this statement.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that casinos are totally lying when they say they’ve got loose slots. But it also means that people can’t take the ads at face value seeing as how there is no way to measure loose slots. Now that we’ve established this, let’s look at what you can measure with slots games.

Payout Percentage/Payout Frequency

As many slots players are aware of, looking at payout percentages is the best way to find slots games worth playing. For example, if you find an online slots game that offers a 97% payout percentage, this is definitely something you want to be playing. On the other hand, you’ll often find lots of slot machines in land-based casinos that offer payout percentages below 75%, which isn’t exactly the greatest.

Of course, you also should take into account how much money needs to be spent per spin with the highest payout percentages games. For example, there are 98% payout games, but many of them require you to spend $1 or more for the minimum spin. So if you don’t have a big bankroll, it’s not worth playing these games.

Moving along, one more extremely important topic worth discussing is payout frequency, which is how often slots make payouts. Unfortunately, there is no clean number to work with here since payout percentages aren‘t actually measured; however, you can get a good idea about a game’s payout percentage by looking at how many small payouts are offered. So as a good rule of thumb, the more small payouts there are, the higher the frequency will be.

Loose Slots Myths

Going back to the subject of loose slots, you should know that there are plenty of myths surrounding this matter. And if you’re not careful, these myths can put a dent in your gambling bankroll.

Myth #1: Loose slots are located in specific areas - The biggest myth behind loose slots games is that land-based casinos put them all in certain spots. To find these slots, you’re supposed to look in the dark corners of the casino because staff members think less people will play them here. However, the truth is that most players know about this rumor, so casinos would gain no advantage by putting slots here.

Casinos constantly change loose slots payout percentages - Some people think that casinos can just adjust payout percentages whenever they please to create the illusion of loose slots; they then change the payouts afterward to rake in more money. But there are laws in place to prevent casinos from changing payouts whenever they want to.

You won’t lose as much money playing loose slots - If you think that playing loose slots means you don’t have to practice good bankroll management, you’ll be dropping your roll rather quickly. After all, loose slots only give you a better chance at making money over the long run; however, there are no guarantees over the short-term.