Low Stakes Player’s Guide to beating Online Slots

Low Stakes Player’s Guide to beating Online Slots

Most of us have heard the quote, “Nothing in life comes easy”….or at least some variation of it. And nowhere is this truer than with online slots, where the casino holds an edge on the games. Because of the house edge, most players are going to lose money in the long-run. However, it’s not impossible to win when you play slots games – even with a small bankroll. Keeping this in mind, let’s take a quick look at how low stakes players can improve their chances of winning money in online slots.

Aim Low

Every slots player dreams of one day winning that giant jackpot that’ll set them for life. But those with a limited bankroll may want to chase smaller jackpots when they play slots games. The reason why is simple: you have a much better chance of actually hitting a top prize this way. Multi-million dollar jackpots are rarely hit, while $30,000 prizes or lower are much more common. And while $30k may not completely change your life, it’ll definitely buy you some nice things!


Play Slots Games with High Payout Frequency


If you’re dealing with a small bankroll, one of the most important things is to look for games where the payouts-per-spin ratio is high. Unfortunately, you won’t find any set payout frequency numbers available because online casinos don’t provide this information. But you can get a good idea by looking at how many small payouts are available and what size they are. 

For instance, if a game’s smallest four payouts are 2 coins, 3 coins, 5 coins and 10 coins, chances are very good that it offers a high payout frequency. But if the slots game’s smallest payouts were 5 coins, 10 coins, 15 coins and 25 coins, you’re going to be collecting wins much less frequently. And when this happens, your bankroll might dry up quicker since you’ll go longer periods without winning.


Bet Smaller Coin Denominations


One of the most obvious things that you can do to conserve a little bankroll is play slots games where coin denominations are smaller. For example, if you play Fantastic Four slots, the coin sizes go as low as $0.05 per spin, which most players should be able to afford. Assuming even $0.05 a spin is too rich, it’s also possible to play slots games where you can wager a penny per spin. If you do opt for penny slots, make sure that you’ll still be eligible for the top prize since not every game allows penny players to win big.


Set Win and Loss Limits


While bankroll management may not change the house edge in online slots, it will help you conserve your bankroll and avoid risking money you can’t afford to lose. And in order to ensure proper bankroll management, you should set win and loss limits when you play slots games. The purpose of a loss limit is to ensure that you avoid losing too much money, while a win limit helps you bank some cash after a successful session. 

To illustrate an example of win/loss limits, let’s say that your bankroll is $20; with this amount, you could set a win cap of $20 and a loss limit of $30. Upon reaching either of these marks, you’d quit playing online slots for the day.


Don’t forget Payout Percentages


It can’t be preached enough how important it is to play the best online slots games possible. So if you normally play nickel slots, make sure to look for nickel games with the best payout percentages; 93% - 94% payback is the lowest you should accept with online nickel slots. As for finding low payout percentages, you can normally do simple internet searches and find some information.

There are quite a few different ways to improve your chances of winning in online slots with a small bankroll. Assuming you put some work into the matter, you could be earning a nice profit from these games!