The Myth of Hot and Cold Online Slots

The Myth of Hot and Cold Online Slots

When people win or lose in casino games, it’s often done in streaks. For example, if you were playing blackjack, it’s not totally uncommon to win four or more hands in a row. The real reason why streaks such as this happen is because of the variance (a.k.a. luck) associated with gaming.



Depending on which way the variance is going, players feel like they’re running “hot” or “cold.” This feeling is especially prevalent in online slots where players might lose many spins in a row and go cold, before winning lots of payouts and getting hot. It would seem that the hot/cold concept is valid because wins and losses are quite streaky in slots. However, the reality is much different when you take a deeper look into the matter.



Equal Chance to win

Many players actually base their slots play on whether or not they think a game is hot. For example, if a person were to play Spiderman slots and win 50-coin and 100-coin payouts within their first 10 spins, this game would be on fire! So it’d be a no-brainer that they would continue playing Spiderman since the game might spit out more big prizes. However, if the player jumped on Spiderman slots the next day and won nothing in their first 10 spins, they might switch games because it was cold. 

But is it really necessary to jump around the online slots world just based on winning and losing streaks? Actually, it’s not necessary at all since the results of every spin are completely independent of the last. In other words, it doesn’t matter how much money you’ve made or lost in the past because a game’s random number generator (RNG) determines results.

As many players know, an RNG effectively decides online slots payout percentages. For instance, if a game features 96% payback, the average player can expect to receive $0.96 back on each $1 wagered. But the reality is that it usually takes hundreds of thousands of spins per hour before the designated payout percentages are met. And during this time, there are plenty of ups and downs where games seemingly go hot and cold. 

Play Free Slots to Experience Streaks

If you’re new to online slots or just a casual player, it’s worth the effort to play free slots so you can experience what streaks are like. Many people are shocked when they start betting real money and discover how streaky slots games can be. 

This being said, it’s definitely a good idea to play free slots and mess around with betting options to find out what you’re comfortable with. Not only will you better know what to expect this way, but you’ll also know what betting options to select so that you can preserve your bankroll and keep chasing jackpots. Plus the only thing you need to do to play free slots is create a casino account, which takes just a few minutes.

Should you still switch Games?

Now that we’ve thoroughly established how slots results deviate based on short-term variance, it’s obvious that the hot and cold theory is nothing more than a myth. So it would seem pointless to switch games based purely on the win and loss streaks you experience.

But even with this being said, it’s not totally ludicrous to change online slots games based on whether they’re hot or cold. After all, factoring streaks into your play can add some fun into online slots. Furthermore, it’s not really going to hurt you by switching games – as long as you’re familiar with the slots you are playing. Just know that you’re not going to gain any big advantage by targeting the “hot” games.