Pirate’s Millions Video Slot

Pirate’s Millions Video Slot

Back by popular demand, the Pirates Millions Video Slot game at 888 casino is ready to rock the gambling world’s foundations yet again. The new and improved game is set to kick off with a pirate’s bounty of some £8,888,888. And there are plenty hearty surprises in store for 777.com readers…

On a dark and stormy night, the swells in the Atlantic Ocean bring a king’s ransom in jackpot loot ever closer. A slither of moonlight breaks through the clouds and alas, the creaking vessel can be seen cutting through the fog and revealing the mighty Jolly Roger. On an old barge a group of savvy seadogs curses beneath its breath. The weight of their cargo threatens to sink their ship, but they’ll not part with a penny – unless of course you can win it off them. Prepare to gamble with a pirate and win a mint. At 888 casino the return of the Pirate’s Millions video slot casino adventure game has roused most every gambling aficionado. It is a golden opportunity to win more than you ever dreamed possible - £8,888,888.

Break the pirate’s curse and set sail with a treasure casket of loot

Pirate’s Millions Video Slot is a fascinating 5-reel, 26 pay line pirate themed video slot. The game features an array of scatter symbols and bonus features – much to the delight of gaming fans the world over. Step aboard me mateys and enjoy 8 free spins to win an unbelievable fortune. The high seas are waiting and 888 is providing the ultimate gaming vessel to take you into the jackpot stratosphere. This is the biggest online casino jackpot in history and it all begins with a quick-and-easy casino download with absolutely no deposit required. Plus there’s a wonderful bonus-feature game just waiting to be tapped. Best of all, this monstrous jackpot will open up to the gaming fraternity, come October 4th 2010.

The Pirate’s Millions video slot competition has enjoyed tremendous success since inception in January 2010. And all signs are pointing to an even greater turnout of scallywags on the high seas. Unlike the earlier version of the game, this time around players will have 8 free spins to get started (not 3 as before). The hype around the competition is bordering on electric. In addition to global coverage in online portals, forums and advertising channels is a major television drive to publicize the event.  Getting started is a cinch – it’s like taking gold from a pirate – simply sign up with a quick and easy registration at 888.com and set sail for jackpot utopia.

Prizes range from as little as £50 to the big daddy of jackpot payouts. Remember mateys that time is of the essence. Set sail before the end of your 30-day period after registration and enjoy the 8 free spins at this casino. And should you win, you will be required to make a minimum casino deposit in order to withdraw your  cargo of glittering gold bullion. The Pirate’s Millions Video Slot is the premier competition currently being featured at 888.com Players will be able to enjoy a progressive jackpot second-to-none with whopping casino prize payouts and plenty of buzz. Enjoy the game.