Setting an Online Slots Budget

Setting an Online Slots Budget

Nobody sets out to play online slots with the intention of losing money. Instead, people love slots because it gives them the opportunity to win a huge jackpot and become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. However, the reality is that online slots is a negative expectation game, meaning you’d better be prepared to incur some losses along the way. This being said, let’s go over some key points you should consider when setting up a budget for online slots games.

Plan Ahead

Most slots players live in the moment and let their current mood dictate how much they’re willing to bet in a session. And while this creates excitement by bringing more emotions into the equation, it can also sting pretty bad when you keep playing during a losing streak and lose more money than you bargained for.

So a suitable alternative to this scenario is to plan ahead for when you play online slots. Doing so requires looking at your monthly spending habits from a comprehensive perspective. For example, let’s say you make $3,500 a month and $3,000 of this amount goes to covering bills, food, entertainment, taxes, and any other expenses you may incur. Now this leaves you with an extra $500, and this is where your online slots budget can come from.

Obviously it would be nice if you saved some money each month – rather than spending it all to play online slots – so we’ll say that you set aside $250 for a monthly slots bankroll. From here the big challenge is sticking with your budget and resisting the urge to increase your monthly bankroll.

 Play Slots Games that fit your Bankroll

Once you’ve planned ahead and have created an online slots bankroll, the next step is to choose the appropriate games for your situation. Sticking with the monthly $250 amount we discussed before, this might be enough to mix in some bigger progressive games along with your regular play. Of course, the key is to decide how long you want to play online slots each month and what your overall goals are.

Assuming you mainly play slots for entertainment and want to maximize your time on the reels, sticking with quarter slots and below would be a good idea. If you bet a quarter every time, this would give you leeway for 1,000 losing spins each month ($250/$0.25).

Now let’s assume that the sole reason why you play online slots is to hit a giant jackpot. In this case, you’d probably be playing the larger progressive slots games where max spins are $1 or more. Mathematically speaking, $1 wagers would only give you 250 total losing spins before your monthly bankroll is out. Obviously you’re going to pick up small wins along the way, but our point is that with a jackpot mindset, you won’t get to play as much.

Look at Online Slots as Entertainment

Even if your sole goal is to win a jackpot, in the end you need to look at slots as a form of entertainment. Sure there’s a lot of money to be won when you play online slots, but you should still view your bankroll as an entertainment expense. For instance, when you play Spiderman slots, you’re not just blindly spinning the reels with dollar signs on your mind. Instead, the Spiderman characters, music, and graphics provide a fun angle for fans of the Spiderman comic books/movies.

Looking at this from a broad perspective, don’t view online slots losses as missed opportunities to win a jackpot; otherwise you may be tempted to keep dumping money that you don’t have into the games. Instead, it’s a better idea to look at slots as a long-term pursuit that provides fun and enjoyment in the process. And even if you don’t get that elusive jackpot this month, you’ll have plenty more opportunities to win if you stick to an online slots budget.