Slots Cash - How to Roll

Slots Cash - How to Roll

One of the best problems to have as a slots player is what to do when you’re given free money. Both land-based and online casinos hand out cash to frequent players that can be used on slots games. And while this is definitely great, people need to think about how they’re going to use the money. Do you play bigger coin denomination games and shoot for huge progressive jackpots? Or do you take a more conservative approach and try to earn a modest amount of money back from your bonus? Let’s discuss these questions and more in regard to free slots.


Basics of Free Slots Cash 


Before we move on to how players should use their comps/bonuses in slots, it’s worth covering the basics of what people can expect with free money. And the first thing you need to know is that slots bonuses and comps aren’t technically free. Instead, casinos give players this money with the idea that it’ll be used on the slots games.

For example, if you play online slots and were given a $1,000 bonus for some reason, none of this money is immediately yours. Instead, you need to meet wagering requirements before the reward can be cashed out – otherwise some players might simply take their $1k and stop playing altogether. 

A common requirement is that you must wager the bonus 30x over, which in the case of the $1k would be $30,000. Now this might sound like a ton of betting, but do consider that most games feature fairly high payout percentages. This is especially the case when you play online slots where many of the games offer 95% payback or more. If you can meet the wagering requirements, the money is normally yours to keep or continue playing with.

The way that land-based casinos handle free slots money works in pretty much the same manner. They’ll comp frequent players and/or big winners with a certain amount of cash to retain their business. From here, players must use their slots card to keep track of how much money has been wagered. With the points they earn, players are sometimes given free cash that’s strictly for wagering purposes.

Two Schools of Thought

As alluded to by the questions we posed in the introduction, there are a couple of different ways you can handle free slots money. Some people only visit land-based casinos or play online slots in search of jackpots. So it would only make sense that they’d take their free play and shoot for the big prizes. It’s also worth mentioning that most wagering requirements are set up so the average player won’t have any free money left, which makes people think they should just chase big prizes. So if there’s a $1 million progressive jackpot that requires $1 wagers to qualify, you could put your entire bonus towards this game.

Other players might be more interested in using this gift to modestly increase their bankroll while also keeping some of the winnings. So if a brick and mortar casino comped you with $500 in free slots cash, you could use it to play quarter and nickel slots. This way, you get more time on the machines and have a better opportunity at banking some of the money when/if you get tired of playing.

In the end, how you use the money will greatly depend on your goals with slots. Those who enjoy time spent spinning the reels will probably opt to play conservatively. But also keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with taking a shot at big money either!