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Spiderman Slots is a Marvel-themed attraction modeled after the famous fictional character of the same name. Spiderman’s alter-ego is Peter Parker. As the brainchild of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko Spider-Man as it is correctly written, is a New York City icon. Spidey as he is otherwise known first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1962 in the hugely successful Amazing Fantasy #15. Peter Parker was envisioned as a low-key character who was raised by his doting Aunt May and Uncle Ben. The trials and tribulations that Peter endured throughout his adolescence were synonymous with the everyday struggles of teenagers. Peter Parker was unique in that he was bitten by a radioactive spider at a science lab. His metamorphosis into Spiderman was not intended as a creature-feature comic book, because Spiderman is a human being with no outwardly arachnid distortions other than his agility, superhuman strength and web-slinging prowess (which he created incidentally). Spiderman is able to perform death-defying actions, scaling walls, swinging from rooftops and pounding villains into submission. Spider-Man also has a unique superhero ability to rapidly heal.

The Amazing SpiderMan Slots takes all of these exciting features into account in its easy-to-play 5 reel, 25 payline slots adventure.

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About Spiderman Slots


The Amazing Spider-Man Slots is a 5 reel, 25 payline action-adventure game. The game is set against the backdrop of New York City in an era where villains are terrorizing the streets. Spider-Man is tasked with saving New York City and assisting local law enforcement in securing the perimeter. The first order of business in The Amazing Spider-Man is to select the bet size. This starts at 0.05 and increases to 10 currency units per line bet. Next, players must choose how many paylines they wish to play. Anywhere from 1 through 25 paylines is possible.  The paytable lists the specific payout rules for all combinations of winning symbols.  Spider-Man is the Wild symbol and he substitutes for all other symbols with the exception of the Scatter symbol to form winning combinations. Spidey appears on the second and fourth reel only. The Spiderweb feature kicks in when Spidey appears the aforesaid reels. The Scatter symbol is the Spider-Man feature. This occurs when 3+ Scatters form from left to right on the reels. The rules of Spider-Man slot list the payouts when each of the featured symbols appears on the reels in certain combinations. For example: 5 x Venom symbols pay 5,000 coins, 5 Mary Jane symbols pay 1,000 coins, 5 camera symbols pay 500 coins, 5 Aces/Kings pay 250 coins, 5 Queens/Jacks pay 200 coins and 5 x 9s/10s pay 100 coins. According to the rules of the game, there are an additional 4 features such as the Spiderweb feature, the Free Games feature, the Venom feature and the Spiderman feature. Players can enjoy x2 prizes during the free games round with up to 15 free games available. Other standard Marvel jackpots include the Hero, Superhero, and Marvel Hero jackpot. There are no requirements to hit these jackpots as they are randomly triggered.


Standard strategy for slots games requires players to manage their bankroll effectively. Experts advise players to practice The Amazing Spider-Man slots online for free before playing for real. The free play mode is an effective way to understand the intricacies of the game prior to wagering for real money. There are many unique features of The Amazing Spider-Man which require time and patience to experience. It is important to understand the contents of the paytable in the game, as it lists the winning combinations required to collect cash prizes. In order to maximise wins, players must wager maximum coins on maximum paylines. However, this may not always be a viable strategy as it costs 250 currency units per spin. Rather, players may prefer to decide ahead of time what their allocated bankroll for Spider-Man slots is and then decide how much to play per spin. When the decision has been made to play the game for real, it is best to select an online casino that offers a generous welcome bonus. Other options include no deposit bonuses and re-deposit bonuses. These incentives to play are not available at traditional casinos, but they are in the online gaming arena.


Spider-Man slots is available for play in an instant play practice mode for free, or a real money mode. The former option presents the game to players at zero risk. Online casinos typically present players with 2 options: free play mode and real money mode. These are done in an effort to entice you to practice as many games online for free as possible, before selecting games to play for real. A good tip is to select an online casino where no registration is required to practice Spider-Man slots. Slots bankroll management is an important consideration in all real-money play. Players will do well to divide their allotted bankroll so that it can be used for individual sessions of gaming. Playing in sessions allows players to manage their money effectively and avoid highs and lows that naturally following gambling sessions. Other tips to remember include never playing under the influence of alcohol, medication or other judgment impairing substances, never gambling with money you can’t afford to lose and never gambling away your winnings.


Once you’ve selected either practice play mode or real money mode, the game begins in earnest. The first order of business is to select your bet size by using the bet button and the left/right arrow keys to toggle the bet value. Players can select any number of paylines to play from 1 through 25. As soon as these two selections have been made, the Spin button is depressed. Players can also click on Max Lines to instantly play the maximum number of paylines (25) at the designated wager. Note the total bet is the product of the bet per line x the total number of lines played.  At any point during the game, players can verify the payouts by checking the paytable.


The Amazing Spider-Man slot has been a successful slots game since inception. The game was developed several years ago by CryptoLogic software. The game was one of the first Marvel-themed games to appear on the scene and it has enjoyed high levels of popularity in the years since its release. Among the many notable elements of the game are the Hero, Super Hero and Marvel Hero jackpots, the Free Spins and the Venom Feature. As is standard with games from this era, it features an Autoplay function, and a bonus game.

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