Enjoy Spiderman Revelations Slot Machine

Enjoy Spiderman Revelations Slot Machine

Fans of the web-slinging superhero Spider-Man are in for a real treat as an exciting new game explodes onto screens the world over: SpiderMan Revelations.

Hot on the heels of The Amazing Spiderman, comes this sequel to the smash-hit slot. Indeed one would be remiss to think it an easy feat to compare the Spider-Man Revelations slot  to the online gaming sensation that was The Amazing Spider-Man.

Spider-Man Revelations is a 5-reel, 25-payline action adventure game featuring Free Spins, Bonus Games, Wilds and Scatter symbols. Betting starts at $0.01 up to maximum of $5 with 25 coins max per spin. There is a limit of one coin per payline.

Naturally the excitement of yet another action-packed Spiderman slot is followed by lots of critics’ reviews and a flurry of comments from slots gaming aficionados.

Like the box-office successes of Spider-Man the movie and its sequel, Revelations is a blistering concoction that is sure to leave online gaming fans wanting for more. Thanks to a stunning visual extravaganza provided by world-class gaming providers CryptoLogic, Spider-Man Revelations has been brought to life in an extraordinary fashion.

Spider-Man Revelations game features

This pulse-pounding game features a Free Bonus game which is triggered with 3 or more Revelations symbols. Then – like the Spiderman movie sequel – players get to see their favourite Marvel superhero in action against Dr. Octopus aboard the runaway train. Spidey will get to save passengers aboard the train as the menacing Dr. Octopus tries to fling them off to their doom.

In this Bonus Game however, all players are welcome to save passengers or take the winnings and make a dash for it. In the Free Bonus game, players will be able to see their superhero facing off against his arch-enemy Dr. Octopus. The superior-style animation of Spider-Man Revelations does justice to the world’s most-loved superhero franchise, with a 5,000 unit jackpot prize up for grabs.

Online players familiar with Spidey will instantly recognize the train, the safe and the web as symbols from the Spider-Man 2 movie. The remaining symbols in the game are based on High Cards with 9 thru Ace.  The Spider-Man symbol is the Wild and it will double all payouts when Spider-Man replaces a symbol in a winning combination.

Note that players lucky enough to generate 5 Spiderman symbols on a single payline will activate the max-jackpot prize of 5,000 units. The Spider-Man Revelations symbol is the Scatter. When players hit 2 or more Scatters on a payline prizes can be won.

Three or more Scatter symbols will trigger the Dr. Octopus Bonus Game. There are 3 mega-jackpots in Spider-Man Revelations: the Marvel Jackpot, the Super Hero Jackpot and the Hero Jackpot. These are totally random with no triggers or max-bet requirements needed. But if you bet more, you win more!

About CryptoLogic

Although CryptoLogic is a quality provider of software gaming, they are a little short on quantity of games produced. However what they have done with Spiderman Revelations is developed a fine game with stunning effects. CryptoLogic maintains exclusive rights over the Marvel Comics software gaming brand until 2013 and it is this fact that makes them a force to be reckoned with. They offer extraordinary e-Gaming innovation and superior quality gaming to online players.

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