Understanding Casino Slots and Stated Payout Percentages

Understanding Casino Slots and Stated Payout Percentages

If you play slots games long enough, you’re eventually going to get curious about how to make more profits – or at least minimize losses while chasing a jackpot. And one of the first tips you’ll come across involves looking at payout percentages, which determine how much money a game pays back on average. For example, if a game features 95% payback, the average player will theoretically receive $0.95 for every $1 wagered.

Understanding this much about slots and payout percentages is easy enough. However, things get a little trickier when land-based and online casinos display specific payout percentages for slots games. And when they do, you’d better be careful – especially when it comes to casino slots! This being said, here are a few things to watch out for when looking at stated slots payout percentages as well as an overview of how to find payback numbers.

It’s All in the Wording

Brick and Mortar casinos aren’t exactly helpful when it comes to filling players in on casino slots payout percentages. But on occasion, you will see signs throughout casinos that display phrases such as “This game returned 102% last week!” or “This machine pays back 96% to players.”

As you can see, both of these phrases are worded differently with the first one stating a payout percentage for a single week. Now this might be the most attractive option to a novice player because of the 102% figure. However, the wording “last week” shows that the game only offered this payback over a limited time span. In short, this machine may only offer 90% payback normally, but one or more people hit a big jackpot to push the figure up.

In regard to the other sign where a game was advertised to pay 96% back, the language of this sign is stated in fact form. In most US states such as Nevada, casino laws would mandate that the game actually pay out 96% as advertised. However, the thing to note here is that you won’t see many signs like this when you play slots games in land-based casinos.

One other type of description to look for in casino slots is one that covers a collection of machines such as “These games return up to 95% to players.” Focusing on the wording again, “up to” could simply imply that one machine in the collection pays out 95%; meanwhile all of the other games might pay back 90% or lower. So as you can see, it’s important to really take a good look at the words used to state slots payout percentages.

How to find Non-Advertised Slots Payout Percentages

The vast majority of the time, you’ll be left searching for payback figures yourself – in both land-based and online slots. But for anybody who likes to play slots games, the effort is definitely worth it because playing high payout percentage machines can yield bigger long-term profits.

Unfortunately, it’s not exactly easy finding payback for casino slots because they often only release this information when required to do so. For example, many Indian casinos in the United States don’t have to release payout percentage info, so they don’t. However, you can find info on many state-regulated casinos in certain cities/states. For example, dollar slots in Las Vegas Strip casinos pay back 93.49% while the same denomination pays out 95.26% in Downtown Vegas establishments.

As for online slots, a simple internet search will usually yield how much a specific game pays out. For instance, searching online for Spiderman slots will yield a 95.4% payout percentage. Most casino software providers aren’t afraid to make payback information available to those who email, and you can often find these numbers in slots reviews too.

General Factors to look for

Assuming you’re unable to find a tangible payout percentage figure for a specific machine, there are some general factors to look at when you play slots games. The first one involves how large the max coin denomination is with the betting options. When it comes to online slots, you can generally expect quarter max bet games to offer around 92-93% payback, dollar max bet slots to offer 94-96%, and $3 bets or higher to pay back 97-99%. As for casino slots, quarter games typically pay 90-91%, dollar slots offer 93-95%, and $3 bets or higher often feature 96% payback or better.

Another factor to think about is whether a game is progressive or not. When you play slots games with a progressive jackpot, you need to make max bets in order to take advantage of the highest possible payout percentage. If you can’t afford to make max bets, stick with games that allow you to place penny, nickel or quarter wagers while achieving the best payouts.

Taking a broader look at this subject, it’s important to realize how much payout percentages affect your long-term slots winnings. By focusing on games with the highest payback figures, you’re more likely to turn a profit while playing slots.