How 'bout joining Da club?-even when you lose, you win

How 'bout joining Da club?-even when you lose, you win

The casino has its way to keep us playing and going against all financial logic we learned in school.  Let’s face it, making money is not the only reason we stepped inside-though it may be the central one.  We want to be in the action, part of the party, we want to be part of the club! 

Due to its nature of being a computerized machine, video poker can keep a track of the amount of games you participate in- even at different machines, and the amount of money you’ve put in throughout your play.  Through what’s called a “player’s club” or “slot club”, the casino distributes a membership card that you insert into the video poker machine to allow the casino to track your activity.  This allows the casino to determine how valuable a guest you are to the house.


“Comps”, or complimentary offerings, is what the casino offers you as a show of gratitude for your valued business.  You accumulate these comp points or credits to your card as play continues and can later redeem them for an array of rewards.  Although the most attractive of the rewards may appear to be the cash credit to be used in the casino, the others are no less exciting.  Food, drinks, hotel rooms and merchandise play their part in truly providing the casino experience and, according to many gamblers, have an equal or greater value to the cash option.


In statistical theory then, the comp option improves your odds of return even when that royal flush just refuses to come your way.  Besides, if the casino is offering it you may as well take it.  You were heading to the video poker machine anyway, have a drink on the house!