Guide to Progressive Video Poker

Guide to Progressive Video Poker

The game a video poker began with a simple machine that was made for casino players who were looking for a taste of poker.  However, with huge payouts, bonuses and the vast number of video poker variants this game has turned into something much more than a simple casino game.  Before you dive into a game of video poker, there are a few things you should first consider.  

Considerations Before You Play Video Poker

One thing you should consider before playing video poker is that regardless of whether you want to play casually or you want to play as a professional in tournaments you always need to have the right attitude.  You must keep in mind that you will not always win and you must remain patience during the long playing hours.  Many players will lose their concentration and focus when they play non-stop which only hurts their game.  You need to remain calm, relaxed and positive.  It is best if you avoid playing video poker when you are tired and when you are in a bad mood.  If you begin to get tired while you are playing then you should simply quit playing and take a break.  

It is nearly impossible to master all of the strategies and techniques of video poker.  However, when you play video poker professionally there will be fierce competition and you must have a sufficient level of skill.  This means that you need to learn as many strategies and techniques as you can.  You should continue reading tips, guides and video poker strategies in order to gain a greater understanding of the game.  As stated previously, your mind must be completely engaged when playing video poker.  You will not win big every day and you will not win every time you play the game.  You much accept the bad days because they are part of the game.  It is important to have self-control if you want to become a professional video poker player.  

You should begin the game with lower limits and always use a bankroll management technique.  It is vital that you safeguard your bankroll especially if you are participating in cash games.  If you are using video poker as a source of income then you will need to have a budget and stick to that budget at all times.  If you play video poker online you will have some advantages over those who play professionally.  Online video poker players usually enjoy a wider variety of games and they usually have a chance to win larger payouts.  Progressive video poker offers the largest payouts of any video poker game.  These games are similar to progressive slots games because the more money that is put into the game the larger the progressive jackpot gets.  These games offer a massive sum of money for the jackpot and you can take home this hefty prize by playing the maximum allowable bet on a progressive video poker game.  

How Do Progressive Jackpot Games Work?

As stated previously, progressive video poker is similar to progressive slots.  The progressive jackpot works in the exact same way for both games.  Every time a player inserts money into the game, a percentage of that bet is added to the progressive jackpot pool.  Generally a collection of progressive video poker games are connected to each time a player places a bet on any one of those machines it is added to a single progressive jackpot pool.  When progressive jackpot machines are connected the size of the jackpot grows rapidly.  

How to Win Progressive Video Poker Jackpot

Most progressive video poker games require you to get a Royal Flush in order to win the progressive jackpot.  In addition, you generally need to place the maximum possible bet.  Other progressive video poker games have other hand requirements that allow you to hit the jackpot without getting a Royal Flush.  When you get a Royal Flush on a standard video poker machine the payout is generally 800 to 1 but when you hit that same Royal Flush while playing a progressive video poker games you could win hundreds and thousands of dollars.  Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to get a Royal Flush so winning a progressive video poker jackpot is difficult.  The best way to take a home a massive progressive jackpot is to only play the best possible hands.  

Progressive Video Poker Machines and Games

Generally there are about 10 to 1300 progressive video poker machines that are inked together.  This, as mentioned earlier, makes the progressive jackpot grow even more rapidly.  There are many different progressive video poker games available for play.  The most popular online progressive video poker games include Mega Jacks, Jacks or Better, Double Double Bonus, Jackpot Poker, Super Jackpot, Jackpot Deuces and Supajax.  Progressive video poker games such as Supajax, Jacks or Better, Jackpot Deuces and Jackpot Poker have a maximum bet per hand of $4.  Other progressive video poker games like Super Jackpot and Mega Jackpot have unique betting rules as you can change the currency and denomination of the game.  

Strategies for Progressive Video Poker Games

You should always be aware of how large the progressive jackpot is because if another player happens to win the jackpot it may not be worth your while to play until the jackpot has once again increased in size.  Another important strategy you should use when playing progressive video poker jackpot is to always play with a fairly large bankroll because you will need to place the maximum bet on each hand.  If you get a Royal Flush but have not placed the maximum bet you will receive the standard video poker payout for a Royal Flush instead of the large progressive jackpot.  

You should set a budget limit and/or time limit when playing progressive video poker.  This will help ensure that you do not spend too much of your bankroll.  In addition, it will stop you from playing when you are tired.  When you are exhausted, it will be hard for you to make the correct decisions in the game and you will likely lose more money than you will win.  Another strategy you can use when playing progressive video poker is to have your friends play on the other linked machines.  This way you have a better chance of hitting the jackpot and you can then split it amongst yourselves.