Strange Truths about Video Poker

Strange Truths about Video Poker

There is no shortage of myths going around the casinos about ways to ‘manipulate’ the video poker machine for better chances of winning. Several of these notions may have some basis to them, but most of the fallacies have no factual basis whatsoever.   This overview of some myths would should debunk, or at the very least clarify some of the common falsehoods. Tales that reference methods used to increase the chances of winning or ‘beating’ the machine are most often misconceptions. For all avid video slot machine and poker players, our aim is to extrapolate the fact and sort out the fiction, putting the myths to rest. 

Machines with a Brain

The video poker machines have a ‘brain’, so to speak, right? Wrong! Video poker and other electronic gaming machines do not have a ‘brain’. Barring a major conspiracy in the casino to steal player’s money via false representation of the odds or the payout, the machines do not have memory and do not ‘recall’ the last hand dealt as a human can do. The odds do not change and the casino does not weight the number generator unless the manager is taking a chance of doing some hard –time and the casino being forced to close down. A machine does not have ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ streaks pre-calculated in such a way that timing a ‘winning’ hand on a particular machine would be possible. Machines do not become ‘loose’ and generate more ‘royals’ more often, as some would have you believe. Playing the maximum bets does not guarantee better chances for that flush, either. The machine does not improve the odds for a player when the player bets max. That good luck charm that you carry along everywhere you go won’t work either, because the machine does know you have it, let alone what it ‘means’. 


If you sit and watch a machine all day and know that it is ‘due’ to pay-out because it has not produced any winning hands in hours, guess again! The video poker machine is never going to be ‘due’ for win because the mechanics are simply not designed for that to occur. The royal flush will not be dealt on the machine on average every 5,000 hands, either. Moreover, your courtesy slot card does not increase your odds, although it will earn points toward generous rewards for your activity on the beloved video poker machine. Even taking a seat at the machine situated the closest to the entrance will not put you in the ‘seat of a champion’.


Casinos will periodically rearrange the machines to lure people with a new look and fresh presentation. Creating a fresh new look is a strategy used to entice players to notice games that were previously obscure. It has absolutely nothing to do with the ‘odds’ of getting a ‘winning’ hand. A few more myths will lead you to the multi-hand machines as well as the machines that have a ‘payback’ of 100%. The multi-hand machines do not function in such a way that simultaneously played hands boosts the chance of a winning deal, nor does a payback of 100% mean that a player is going to win every time, and ‘no win’ means no payback – or more simply put – zero on the return! Before you choose your next video poker machine, it might be beneficial to understand the nature of the beast!

The Function of RNG Mechanisms

Basically, the above mentioned misconceptions about video poker machines and the ‘odds’ of winning are not based in scientific fact or mathematical evidence. The simple fact is that the equipment operates with Random Number Generators that are essentially ahistorical. The machine maintains no record of past hands, past wins, or tokens and charms that some players tote with them for ‘good luck’. Each and every time that the machine is turned on new numbers are generated, independent and completely ‘unconnected’ to past hands, or previous numbers drawn. Each hand is determined by the random number generator, keyword – random!


The bottom line in any debate over the fallacies is that the RNG is the one and only determining factor in every hand dealt on that machine. The reality is that some players are going to win, and some are not. When a player presses that ‘deal’ button the RNG produces an independent and random generation of cards. The RNG is constantly generating new number lists so quickly that if you press that ‘deal’ button one millisecond later, the player would get a different random number. If you observe a player winning a hand there is no way to predict when that particular machine will produce the next winning hand. It could be the very next ‘deal’, or it could be thousands of ‘deals’ from that point in time because the RNG functions like the name “Random Number Generator”.  


The truth of the matter is that the odds will vary according to the number of decks that are in play, not by the number of ‘bets’ that a player presses. True, playing the max bet means a greater payout, or jackpot, but the actual odds of winning a hand have not correlation with the decision to play one, or more, bets on a hand. The three most important facts to memorize are to keep in mind that random number generators used to produce each hand are truly and independently random, regardless of the tricks a player ‘thinks’ he knows. The best way to improve the chances of winning a hand in video poker are the exact same as a ‘real-time’ poker contest, and that is to improve your understanding of the game and the strategy that suits you.


Last but not least, pay attention to the pay-out charts and choose the machines that work best for you. Some machines require max bet, for example, while other machines do not. It pays to be very clear as to how much you stand to win on a payout should you ‘win’, but also be cognizant of how much you are risking each time you press ‘deal’, as well! Now that the myths are put to rest, it’s time to play that video poker with crystal clear vision and solid understanding of how the RNG functions inside of that fascinating machine!