Video Poker Surrounded by Myths

Video Poker Surrounded by Myths

Most all superstitions in video poker revolve around the concept of a Random Number Generator or RNG. Some players believe in machines that are hot for winning or cold for losing. Others think they’ll hit a winning streak at some point, as if video poker machines are programmed to win or lose. Video poker machines aren’t fixed to benefit players or make them lose. The RNG is the main component of all video poker machines, and a key to legalized gambling because it meets regulatory standards in gaming. 

Random Number Generators

The RNGs work continuously, whether machines are being played or not. It ensures fair play, hence the first word in its title, “Random.” Its function is to shuffle a 52-card deck - 53 cards if Joker Poker - and the deck is shuffled until a player selects “deal” or “draw.” As soon as a player hits deal, the machine shaves off the top 5 cards for the player and returns to shuffling. It will shuffle until the player stops it again. In order to determine random numbers, a machine is programmed using a computation formula. The numbers may go through a statistical check from time to time to assess the machine’s effectiveness. Generators are affected by temperature, device’s age, power supply voltage or software and hardware bugs.

Hot and cold play is not mathematical, and video poker machines are, at least in the way the RNG is programmed. Video poker card combinations from the RNGs total 2.6 million. Players who believe they can hit a hot or cold machine are using their emotions to plan their next move in video poker. Realistically, a machine can have a higher temperature after it’s played for long period of time, but this has nothing to do with winning. Often, a player will say the machine is hot or cold because they won or lost. The terms are only good for figurative speech.

A machine is never “due” for a win, nor does it give players real winning streaks. If a player is holding three aces, the player may think the machine is due to spit out the fourth ace. The RNG works through the card combinations. In a deck of 52 cards, there are more losing combinations than winning ones. Likewise, streaks are a fallacy in video poker because of the RNG. It is important for players to remember that the idea of streaks comes to mind after the players are done with the machines. Before players begin, they may have “hunches” that will guarantee them wins.

Hunches may or may not work, and are unrelated to the computation of the RNG. In addition, players might assume using their slot club cards will result in lower payouts. This is perhaps one of the worst things a player can believe. Slot club cards aren’t tied to the RNG. Players should use their slot club cards without fearing they are earning less when they are actually raking in more. The benefits from using the slot club cards include complimentary casino gifts or cash rewards.

Other players think they should pull their player cards as the machines produce wins like a royal flush or four aces, so the casino doesn’t realize the players won. The video poker machine’s platform is programmed to communicate. As soon as it hits a win, a machine immediately produces the appropriate credits, which make musical noise for the entertainment of the players long after the credits are applied.

More Video Poker Myths Explained

While players have their own theories on how the cards are actually delivered for the deals and draws, the RNG works the same way for every deal or draw. After the deal, when it comes time for the player to hit draw, the RNG stops shuffling the remaining cards. The player is then given the number of respective cards off the top of the deck. Each hand is made up of cards from its own unique deck because of the RNG. Players need to remember when transitioning from single-hand poker to triple play poker, they should treat triple play the same as single-hand. Many might assume they will have more winning combinations in a triple play game, however, the hands are the same - random.

In winning combinations, players often like to hold onto their kicker cards. Kicker cards break ties. If two players have two kings each, and one player holds a queen as well, the queen will break the tie unless the other player is also holding a queen. In video poker, it’s recommended players get rid of kicker cards, and take their chances for the better hand of three kings instead of two. The Triple Double Bonus, a video poker game, may be the exception. Players will want to develop strategies before entering into triple or double bonus games to ensure the best returns.

Video Poker for a Living

Most players will never be one of the nine final players in the World Series of Poker. Assuming casino poker or video poker generates enough income to survive is a pipe dream. Experts suggest anyone who draws for a career deal in poker first needs to fatten up the bank roll. Top poker players have one thing, if not more, in common - they play with mathematical minds that set up specific strategies to win. They also have patience that begins at the tables for hours of play and ends with people like casino employees, who may be rude or short with players. All of them play for fun, and they play sober. The good poker players can afford to play.